Reps Member, Leke Abejide Empowers 2000 Constituents 

By Yekini Jimoh 

No fewer than 2000 people from Yagba West federal constituency have benefited from the Mega Empowerment Scheme launched by the member representing the Yagba West in the Federal House of Represantives, Honourable Leke Abejide.

The empowerment programme was one of its kind in the Yagba Federal Constituency.

Honourable Abejide during the empowerment programmes on Tuesday in Alu community, noted that no fewer than 2000 small entrepreneurs have benefited from vocational training equipment, while cars, laptops, tricycles, motorcycles and mechanical tools, fertilizers in bulk were distributed by the lawmaker.

He added that he has also enrolled young minds in various skill acquisitions programmes to enhance their ability and also raise entrepreneurs in Yagba.

Hon. Leke Abejide thanked God Almighty for making it possible as he went down the memory lane of how the journey started, especially how he felt politics is not good for his type considering his kind of person to be straightforward, while he was seeing nothing close to that from many people.

Hon. Leke said to his surprise, people pressured him to contest and after a lot of persuasion from them, he yielded and contested.

While addressing the people, Hon Abejide came to launch the African Democratic Congress party ADC, and the people accepted him wholeheartedly and did not regret ever making such a decision.

“The journey to National Assembly began in 2019 and has been impactful, I will continue to deliver people-oriented policies to the people.

He analysed his achievements so far since 2019, including the bills and motions he has sponsored on the floor of the House of Representatives, which includes 11 motorised boreholes and their locations, with the first empowerment program, waec payment and others.

The Rep. Member said the WAEC payment which is the 4th phase of payment will soon be done, while giving an estimation of his 5years projection to be about 375Millionnaire, the widow’s welfare will not stop. Classroom furniture and instructional materials.

“Hon. Abejide’s 2 years in office he has been able to facilitate rehabilitation of roads and reconstruction of Omuo-Oke road as well while the work on Igbagun-Alu-Ifeolukotun is ongoing which will be completed soon by God’s grace before the end of his first tenure.

”Hon. Abejide made it clear that his major concern is the Iluagba-Mopa-Isanlu road which is being achieved through personal resources.

Hon. Abejide reiterated that by the time the Iluagba-Isanlu road is done it will remain Asphalt to be laid by contractor, he said the federal government has heard the cry of the people and has included the road in the 2022 budget while he also got assistance from a colleague who is the Chairman House Committee on Works and Housing in 2022 budget to compliment his efforts on Iluagba – Isanlu road.

He said he will continue to lobby and put in personal efforts to get the road constructed.

The added that he was able to assist Yagba indigenes into federal government parastatals and NCS although the recruitment started before he was elected.

“I cannot quantify the numerous financial assistance rendered by me to indigenes of Yagba in areas of business, education and health”. Also, the CBN 500 thousand naira loans were facilitated to 335 persons in Yagba, solar-powered streetlights have been installed in some communities and towns in the constituency which will go round to other communities soon.

Hon. Abejide reminded the people that he never forgot the promise of 5M project in each community across Yagba, the delay was due to the resources diverted to salvage the situations at the Iyamoye road and Iluagba-Isanlu road to ease the agony of the people who ply the road at the time Iyamoye was cut off to resue the ugly situation.

However, he gave the assurances that the projects will start soon. Although they can not all be done at once but will be executed in phases.

Hon. Abejide hammered on the security situation of Yagba which he said is of importance to him, saying that in no distant time he will procure Vehicles to support the local hunters and vigilantes to secure farmlands and forests.

“I want to commend the swift action of the gallant officers in the Egbe-Odo Ere robbery attack, they deserve our maximum support in all ramifications. He said.

He said In his capacity he supported the Nigerian Police and will continue to support them one of which he Built and maintain the Alu Police Station.

Hon. Abejide said he will continue to support police to combat insecurity and crime in Yagba.

”Today is an epoch-making day in the history of Yagba as many lives will be transformed, he encouraged beneficiaries to use the items judiciously.

The empowerment materials distributed includes Vehicle, Laptops, Grinding Machines, Sewing Machines, Tricycles, Motorcycles, Generators and Clippers, Fertilizers, Hairdryers, Electrical/ Mechanical tools, Primary and Secondary school instructional materials and others. Although most of these things were what Abejide had been doing before office.

Hon. Abejide said his focus in 2022 by God’s grace is on roads especially rehabilitation and grading as many heavy types of equipment have been purchased.

Hon. Leke, who Chairs, the House of Representatives Committee on Customs & Excise said the present leadership at the House of Representatives is committed to making laws that will help reduce the poverty rate and promote the economy of the country.

Hon. Leke said his primary function as a legislator is to make laws that will promote the stakes of his constituency, but he has taken it upon himself not just to make laws but to also prioritise the needs of the people in his constituency through the empowerment program as a key responsibility also in line with his campaign promises.

He said the Mega Empowerment is one of the largest in Yagba as 70 motor vehicles, which includes Highlander, Toyota Camry, Siena, Pontiac and Golf were distributed 25 vehicles are yet to arrive but are already in Nigeria territory water, 300 grinding machines, 32 tricycles, 300 sewing machines, 40 motorcycles, 120 water pumps, 30 laptops, 44 dryers, 100 generators, 70clippers, 80 mechanical/ electrical tools, 20 sewing machines and many more items were distributed today.

Hon. Leke advised the recipients to use the items for their upliftment. While appreciating the labour of love he has received from the people of Yagba Federal Constituency.

Also, selected youths across Yagba were trained and empowered through the National Directorate of Employment NDE to promote diverse Agricultural extension.

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