Video: Boy Beats Father, Breaks His Head over Misunderstanding in Okehi



A teenager has beaten his father up, breaking his head in fight over misunderstanding in Ikuehi, a community in Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State.

The boy, Asuku Baiye, who was brought before the peace and security committee of the community, confessed to fighting his father and inflicting injuries on him.

The video of his interrogation was shared on Facebook by one Abdulmalik Aduvi Muhammed Adi.

In the video, the boy said he fought his father and wounded him in the head because the father queried him for taking his room key.

He said he took the key to fetch water from his father’s room, adding that his mother influenced his spite for his father after they divorced.

Baiye also agreed to being an indian hemp, drug abuser and owns his masquerade.

Watch video:


Live from Ikuehi community. A boy called Asuku Omuya 21 years of age beat up his father and broke his head. The situation is under the investigation of Ihima peace and security commitee Ikuehi branch.u can listen to the boy’s voice.

Posted by Abdulmalik Aduvi Muhammed Hadi on Saturday, February 5, 2022



Ali Muhammed: This is unthinkable! Juvenile delinquency. May Allah cure this deep rooted ailment. Raising your voice against one’s parents is an invitation to Allah’s wrath! What more of physically assaulting any one them.

He should be punished, sent for rehabilitation and reconciled with the dad afterwards. Meanwhile those who sell these illicit drugs and weeds should be brought to book.

What a selfless service these young men are offering to our dear community. May Allah reward you all abundantly, Aamiin.

Azeez Ouda: Please, take him for a rehab. He’s surely under the influence of something stronger than him.

Abdulrahaman Yahaya Itopa: Well done guys..the boy need rehabilitation and after then,constructive reconciliation with the parents. May God strenghtened you all for this laudable community-based projects.

Salihu Oricha: Haba! What kind of generationis this? Let him learn a lesson please. You are all weldone for the good job. God bless all members of this great peace committee

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