Ododo Can’t Come Third in Kogi Gov’ship Poll – SDP Spokesman

SDP Spokesperson, Faruk Adejoh-Audu

Spokesperson of Social Democratic Party (SDP) campaign organization, Faruk Adejoh-Audu has expressed confidence that the party’s candidate, Murtala Yakubu Ajaka, will win November governorship election in Kogi state.

Speaking on  TVC News, Adejoh-Audu said in a free and fair contest, the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Usman Ahmed Ododo, cannot emerge governor of the state.


He said “in a free and fair contest, Ododo cannot come third. Apart from Ajaka, there is Dino and Leke Abejide. In a free contest, Kogi electorate will pick them before Yahaya Bello’s candidate.”

On allegations that Ajaka is playing the ethnic card in the state, Adejoh-Audu accused Governor Yahaya Bello of nepotism by handpicking his cousin as successor.

“Why are they complaining that Ajaka is popular in his place. Why should anybody vote for him if he is not popular in his place?

“It is the ripest fruits that attracts most missiles. There are major parties in this election. Yahaya Bello who is the champion and self-appointed campaign manager of the APC candidate has not spoken about Senator Dino Melaye despite their past altercations. Why is he targeting Ajaka? That is to tell you that Ajaka is the only candidate that scares them,” he said.

Speaking on Ajaka’s plans for the state, Adejoh-Audu said the main challenge in the state is poverty, adding that the SDP candidate is commitment to combating the issue.

“This issue of poverty has been aggravated by the 8 years rule of Yahaya Bello where people don’t collect salaries. As I talk to you, even his own appointees, members of his cabinet, are owed about 4 to 6 months salary arrears. For the civil servants, no one knows for sure what his or her salary is. You can never hear NLC or any labour union talk about arrears because there is no such thing as arrears in Kogi. Whatever they pay you, you collect. So, poverty has been thoroughly aggravate in Kogi state.

“The first thing Ajaka will address is the issue of poverty,” he said.

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