Gov Bello to Deploy High-Level Security Technology in Kogi, Says There Is Imminent Threat

The Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello on Monday, met with the management of a Chinese security company, Hytera to deploy high-level security technologies in the state to curb the lingering security challenges.

Governor Bello while meeting the security company at the Kogi State Liaison Office in Abuja, said this move became necessary following the location of Kogi as a confluence state, bordering 10 other states.

Yahaya Bello said that security report at his disposal suggests that there is imminent threat and action needs to be taken to flush out criminals from the state.

Yahaya Bello Hytera

He said before a country can experience meaningful development economically, it must tackle security challenges first. He, however, expressed optimism that with the recent purchase of security apparatus, Nigeria would be secured soon.

“There can’t be any meaningful development economically and otherwise without safety and security and Kogi State being the confluence state, we are serious government this is ready to harness every of our resources for the benefit of our people.

“We have done our best and we will continue to do our best, we have received several awards in terms of providing safety and security for our people and that is the call to do more and we will do more.

“Coming at this moment to partner with us cannot be overemphasized, it is a strategic time and we will continue to do that so that so that Kogi state can be as developed as the Peoples’ Republic of China.

“I want to assure the people of Kogi State that to the last day I will leave office, I will continue to cooperate with every of our law enforcement agency and our citizens across board to make sure we fight these criminals, there are imminent threats, we receive credible intels every day, by the grace of God we will decimate them, we will them, we will crush them and deal with them.

“Security starts from oneself before you talk about government and her agencies, there is just as little as any agency can do without the cooperation and understanding of the people, the people of Kogi State have been cooperating with us.

“The issue of safety and security is a continuous process, there is never a time you will have 100 per cent and there is no one single solution you will get to have it all because criminals continue to evolve and we will continue to double our efforts.”

While highlighting the importance of the new technology, Governor Bello said in developed countries like China, America and Europe, you don’t see security men mounting roadblocks again. “It is archaic,” Yahaya Bello said.

“When we deploy this technology, I am of the belief, looking at their background and pedigree, it is going to help not only Kogi but Nigeria at large.

“I think in no distant time from now, Nigeria is going to be more secured than any other place, both soft and hardwares are being purchased in quantum and we want to take a lead in Kogi State.

“So it is going to be beneficial to Kogi State and Nigeria at large and by extension all other North-Central states and states that are contiguous to Kogi State. So if we take care of Kogi State, we have taken care of the Northern and Southern part of the country,” he added.

During a presentation by Hytera, the company said the deployment of the high-level security gadgets in Kogi would “enhance state security and reduce crime rate, enhance the cooperation and collaboration among all public safety organisations like police, ambulance, fire fighting.”

The company said the technology will also “enhance cooperation efficiency for business organisations such as utility, transportation, enhance citizen confidence and happiness, attract investment from both local and overseas and create opportunities and employment, develop and boost state economy, further improve citizen living standard.

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