We’re Close to Announcing New Attah Igala – Kogi Govt

About a year since the Igala Kingdom has been without an Attah, the government of Kogi State has said that the process of confirming a new Attah is near completion.

Governor of the state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello disclosed this in an interview, stating that the process of confirming the right person was ongoing.

Governor Bello said he did not want any imposition and manipulation in the process, hence the need to allow for the right person to emerge.

He said: “The process is going on. It is almost completed. As soon as it is concluded we will make sure the announcement is made. I so much respect the traditional institution in Kogi State and I don’t want any imposition or manipulation whatsoever. Let the right person emerge. As soon as we have such person we will make sure he is confirmed.”

Since the passing of HRH Michael Ameh Oboni II, the Kingdom has not been able to announce a successor, and pressures have continued to mount on the state government to make an announcement, especially as the committee responsible for the process of selecting a new Attah-Igala had concluded its assignment and submitted the name of the nominee to the Governor.

Recall that recently, the Chairman of the Igala Cultural Development Association, Chief Omata Emmanuel, appealed to the government to expedite action as the Kingdom could not afford to to leave the stool empty for long.

“The Prime Minister, His Royal Highness, the Achadu Oko-Ata, is also not on throne at the moment. Imagine a house without father and mother, how can the children survive?

“Igala land at the moment is like an orphanage home, we are all orphans; we need our parents back home,” Emmanuel stressed.

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