2023 Kogi Central Senatorial Contest: All Eyes on Moses Najim Lawal Ehira

By Dada Ahmed

A little above a year from now, eligible voters in kogi state will join their counterparts in the country to elect leaders of their choice that will move the country to the next level of polical dispensation and realistic social, economic and political development.

As stakeholders in the preparations for the 2023 general elections gather momentum, and various aspirants signifying intention to contest elective offices, critical political stakeholders in Kogi Central Senatorial district of the state are beginning to turn their search light to a credible candidate that will occupy the seat of the Senate, to represent the people of the district as from 2023.

A strong political pendulum is therefore swinging toward a formidable citizen of the district in person of Moses Najim Lawal, a vibrant youth, full of zeal with viable ideas to contribute towards uplifting the maximum material condition of the people of his district, through articulate and quality representation at the Senate,come 2023.

Majority opinions describe him as a young man with a focus on how to enhance the welfare of his people, energetic, articulate, intelligent, humane,internationally connected with burning desire to liberate the people of the district from the age long squalor, abject poverty.

With his impeccable pedigree cutting all spheres of human endeavours, political pundits in the are optimistic that, given the chance to be in the senate, Najim will fulfill their yearnings and aspirations, a development they have been praying for many years now.

Hon.Najim they strongly believe, is the man to be trusted with political fortune of the district in realising their aspirations and as such the man who the cap fits to come in as next Senator from the district, in view of his cherished track records, feasible for descerning minds to see.

Feelers from the media office of this forthright politician cum philanthropist, shows that Hon. Moses Najim Lawal has lifted many to attain life sustainability, mentored many to thread on a path of distinction, nurtured many to see the insights in developing a progressive mindset for self reliance and for the general of the society.

What more,he clamorously maligned detrimental act by his words and actions and by these noble steps, better the life of many and indeed has exemplified himself as a personality worthy of the mandate of the good people kogi Senatorial district to be their senator in next year.

Hon. Moses Najim Lawal has triumphantly risen to the height of enviable achievements in the areas of societal building, due to his high level of commitment and dedication to the cause of self realisation as well as adding value to many people by helping them to realise their life ambition as well.

His pedigree in all spheres of concern has vindicated him and such, the people say they must all rise to the challenge of electing him as their next Senator to enable him assiduously change the political narrative of the district which has left much to be desired in all ramifications of social, economic and political development.

This they are doing with all sense of patrotism, geniune commitment and absolute responsibility with the popular slogan”NAJIM is the answer!”

“Let the Countdown begins!”

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