‘You Go Explain Tire’: A Memo to Hon. Minister, Shaibu Abubakar Audu

Shaibu Abubakar Audu, Minister of Steel

Dear Honourable Minister,

…evidence go dey?

I bring you greetings and heartfelt congratulations on your confirmation as the Minister of Steel Development. This is indeed a great news for us Kogi sons and daughters, and it makes more sense that as the capital of Nigeria’s key to industrialization, one of our own has made it into the room where the roadmap lies. I rejoice with you, the state, and particularly the Audu’s family, for this is indeed rewarding.

When President Bola Tinubu released the list of portfolios for the Ministerial nominees, yours was the first I glided down the pages to see. Immediately I saw it, what came to my mind was Ajaokuta Steel Company. Interestingly, it seemed to be the common factor in the mind of every other Kogi person, because sequel to the unveiling of your portfolio, I have come across people’s post on social media platforms speaking to their hope for the revival of the company (now that a Kogi person is in a key position to make it happen). Then, an afterthought, with the herculean bottlenecks, influences, the dicey potentials of the facility’s technology holding the company by the jugular, what if you could not pull a miracle after four years of your service? My answer?


You Go Explain Tire

The above cliché is the present one in the mouth of social media-active Nigerians, adopted from a clip of grammy-award winning musician, Burna Boy. As he said it, “you go explain tire – no evidence,” is used to demand for results, receipts, proof of an action or service. I could feel the euphoria in the heart of the people of Kogi state over your appointment, and you now have on your shoulders, a great burden to carry.

The essence of this piece is not to scare you, but to remind you to make this a primary assignment of your office. Like someone once told me, if Ajaokuta Company was sited in one of the core northern states, it would have since been revived. Tell me why Kaduna is building theirs, and their immediate past governor used the opportunity to take a swipe at us.

Everybody knows that conspiracies, bureaucracies, powerful influences and greedy politrickers have held the company bound for far too long, such that your predecessors only “explained tire” and gave us no evidence. This goes without saying that if you carry the same passion we all bear for the revival of this company for the benefit of all, you are going to be faced with tough battles right there at the top. However, no other person is better positioned to deliver this than you. We have a new President who is an industrialist and did make it his campaign promise to revive Ajaokuta; a state governor and incoming whom you share same camp with; then Senators and House of Representative members who are also ready to tow the same path with you for this cause. Thus, you have shoulders to ride on to fight this cause to a logical conclusion, and leave a great legacy like your father of blessed memory did.

Therefore, I put it to you that, as the Minister of Steel Development, no greater exploits than ensuring that Ajaokuta Steel Company, Nigeria’s key to industrialization is revived and grinding hard. Everything else you will do, are just added advantages. Please, do your best with the assurance of the support of every well meaning Kogite. “You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for” – Napoleon Hills.


May God guide and guard you.

Accept the assurances of my highest regard.


Alex Adeiza writes from Abuja.
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