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In Nigeria, even globally, democracy has become the way through which political groups or association aspire to govern their people. There are three systems of political party – multi, two & dominant party system, which Nigeria has adopted the multi party system taking after US.                         

But the multi party system which we claim to be practicing has come with its own challenges. There is this question of how did Nigeria get to this junction (bus-stop) of underdevelopment, where our governments are bringing bandit on the table for dialogue, where cholera are ravaging the citizens due to unavailability of clean portable water, our roads are dilapidated and now a death trap, unemployment due to the fact that our manufacturing industries are moribund and banditry, factory are in a comatose state, where we now have the highest number of out of school children.                          

The answer to this question is not far-fetched from the choice of our political party that lack articulated ideology, where party chairmen fight dirty with members over tickets, where nepotism, tribalism, favouritism are the criteria for given appointments due to poor adherence to the tenet of democracy. For us in Nigeria to get it right, we must choose a political party that is committed and passionate about its acclaimed ideology if there is even any that practise politics of ideology in Nigeria. None of our political parties can claim to have been committed to its ideology for once since 1999 till date. Once a political party lacks the tenet of democracy, the end result will definitely be a disaster waiting to happen due to its output, because people that will have access to our common wealth will only help themselves and their cronies with our collective resources, where politicians switching and jumping from canopy party to palm tree party once their selfish interest is not guaranteed. 

Our politicians in this part of the world practise politics without ideology, unlike the US where we claim to copy wrong version from.                                                   

For us as a nation to get it right, there must be a paradigm shift from politics without ideology to a politics of ideology and it must start with a strong proactive movement before we can have a desired result.                                                        

l am coming into Nigeria political space to be an advocate, crusader and vanguard of politics of ideological movement, to instill ideological consciousness in the mind of our upcoming young and new breed politicians that are in their late 20’s and we in our late 30’s, so as to prevent future occurrence of underdevelopment that were facing now. 

l am being mindful of the challenges and difficulties associated with diving into the murky water of Nigeria politics, and what lies ahead as l have to protect and guide my good name and reputation that l am aspiring to build, the name should not be tarnished in the course of championing this noble cause. 

The influence of godfatherism, my shalow financial strength will be a force to battle with. Looking at my political background without godfather and a strong political dynasty like the Saraki’s that can bring me to lime light or just give us younger aspiring politicians to serve this nation in various capacity be at the party executive level so as to help in sanitizing our mode of conducting primaries into our elective positions and to allow the will of the people prevail against the the will and the interest of the money bags.                              

The youths are on the lookout for a political party that has a sustainable political ideology capsulated with policies that can propel this nations to it original position as the giant of Africa come 2023. 

From Bright Olushina-Bright. Environmental &Political analyst. Abuja.

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