Ohinoyi of Ebiraland to SDP Candidate, Ajaka: ‘Respect the Law, Have No Fear in Mind’

Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Murtala Ajaka
Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Murtala Ajaka

The Ohinoyi of Ebira Land, HRM Dr. Ado Ibrahim CON has charged the Kogi governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Murtala Ajaka to pursue his ambition with respect to the law and without fear in mind.

The paramount ruler of the Ebira people gave the charge on Friday when he received in audience, the candidate and SDP campaign train at his Azad palace in Okene.


Ajaka, speaking earlier, said he was at the palace to intimate the monarch of his ambition, and also seek his royal blessings.


He noted that his prior arrangement to visit the Okene town was shortlived due to security concerns.


“We are in the palace to intimate you that we are contesting the governorship of Kogi state come November 11. We are doing this with the strong conviction that as one of the oldest traditional rulers in the state and a foremost traditional ruler in Northern Nigeria, that we ought to start from here. But unfortunately, due to security issue, the day I intended to come here, I had to call it off. But thank God today, we are here.


“We are in this race to change the face of the state, and Okene in particular. Okene is an ancient town like any other town. We want to bring night life back to this city. We want to make sure the intercity roads, all the township roads are reconstructed, the drainages are put in place.


“We are in this race to unite the state. We are not running on ethnic ground, we are running on Kogi agenda, and by the grace of God with your blessing, that is what we shall do if we are successful come November 11,” he said.


The Ohinoyi, who gave his blessings to Ajaka, noted that his palace is open to all the candidates.


“I am a father, and by age, I will be 95 very soon. What else am I looking for? What’s there to disturb my life, fear or what? Fear itself is afraid if you don’t fear. Hardwork and courage make a man stronger. Do what you think is right, not what you have been pushed to do. I’m here for everybody, this is your home anytime you come here, ” he said.

The Ohinoyi of Ebira further noted that the state has in abundance, many resources to be developed by whoever emerges, urging the entourage to respect the law and President Bola Tinubu.

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