Nigeria’s Unity is at Stake, Says Kogi Chief of Staff

By Chima Azubuike

Kogi State Chief of Staff, Abdulkareem Asuku, has said Nigeria has myriads of challenges that include insecurity, disunity and corruption currently stifling the country’s existence.

Asuku who was in Gombe for the inauguration of Rescue Nigeria Mission for the North-East region revealed that the current administration has fared well but a lot would have been achieved if the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), was agile and able, as he was in his initial reign as military leader.

He explained that the country has become more polarised, deserving of a leader who would supervise activities and not one who was unaware of situations.

Asuku said, “First to mention is insecurity, the presidency under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has been able to achieve a lot but it is not yet Uhuru. We need someone who will be able to supervise, who will not just stay in Abuja and allow things to just happen.

“The unity of this country is at stake today. The Muslim doesn’t trust the Christian. The North doesn’t trust the South. We are saying Nigeria can’t breathe because of disunity, we have a leader, His excellency Yahaya Bello, that has united the people of Kogi State, appointing people that are not from Kogi, showing that he is a unifier, the first Muslim governor that decided to build a chapel for Christians to worship.”

Commenting further, the Chief of Staff revealed that corruption has done a lot of ills to the fabric of the country’s existence, stressing that the natural resources were poorly harnessed.

“Corruption is staring at our faces today, we have a nation with natural resources that ordinarily should be able to give aid to the United States of America, Great Britain and the Asian world but we lack purposeful leadership to be able and harness these resources,” Asuku added.

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