May Day: NLC Demands Implementation of N35,000 Wage Award for Kogi Workers

NLC Kogi

The Organized Labour in Kogi State has demanded the immediate implementation of N35,000 wage award for workers in the State.

In his May Day address, in Lokoja, the Kogi State Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, Gabriel Amari said the current N30,000 National Minimum Wage falls short of meeting the basic needs of workers in the prevailing market conditions of the Country.

“We advocate for the immediate implementation of a Wage Award totalling around N35,000 in Kogi State. This adjustment is not only fair but also urgent, given the relentless rise in the costs of goods and services, which continuously erodes the purchasing power of Workers.

“Until the long-awaited negotiations for a new minimum wage are concluded and put into effect, the Wage Award would serve as a temporary relief for Workers grappling with the current economic hardships.

” The Organized Labour in the state urges the Kogi State Government to align itself with other states that have already heeded the recommendations of the President regarding the payment of Wage Award to Nigerian Workers. By doing so, Kogi would demonstrate its commitment to the welfare and well-being of its workforce.

“Labour also advocates for the Government to address the following specific concerns. Payment of weigh-in allowance for workers in media houses. Restoration of the 27.5% teachers’ peculiar allowance for teachers in primary and secondary schools in Kogi state. Issuance of all outstanding promotion letters to deserving Workers. Payment of the 2018 20 per cent balance of the three-month percentage salary for State Workers

“Full implementation of Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) for all Health Workers. Provision of affordable owner-occupier housing for Workers. Provision of operational vehicles, financial interventions and recruitment for Parastatals and Ministries especially: Kogi Radio, Sports Councils, Graphic Newspaper and Kogi State Fire Service” he stated.

The Kogi State NLC Chairman also drew the attention of Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo to some security challenges in Kogi State.

His words “The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is a recurring concern. The country faces security challenges that not only threaten its stability but also have a huge impact on the productivity of Workers. This pervasive insecurity creates hurdles for economic growth, investment, and business development, ultimately affecting the entire labour force.

“The constant threats of violence, kidnappings, and extortion deter both local and international investors, resulting in a decline in job opportunities, hindering business growth, and limiting economic progress.

“Your excellency, it is disheartening to observe that despite your efforts to tackle insecurity, there are still security breaches in some parts of the state. For instance, the recent incident in Agojeju-Odo Community in Omala Local Government saw the loss of lives and properties due to herdsmen attack, including six Kogi Workers. It is evident that conventional policing alone cannot cover every corner of the state.

“Therefore there’s a need to support community policing initiatives and enlist the services of hunters to complement law enforcement efforts. it’s essential for the Government and all security agencies to prioritize intelligence gathering to outsmart criminal elements.


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