UNN Medical Graduate Apologises to University, Faculty over Misleading Publication

A medical graduate of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Yakubu Mariam who made the news last week over her inability to pay her fees, has tendered a public apology to the University for misleading the public.

Mariam who hails from Kogi State, in apology sent to ebirareporters.com on Thursday, noted her mistakes in the presentation of the fees needed for induction, appealing to the University community for forgiveness.


She wrote:


I’m Deeply Sorry and Sincerely Apologize to University of Nigeria and Faculty of Medical Sciences.

With regard to the previous publication made by me titled: Kogi Medical Graduate may miss induction over #400,000 fee.

I am humbly sorry for making such false claims and trying to tarnish the image of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and the University of Nigeria.

I sincerely apologise to the University of Nigeria and Faculty of Medical Sciences for having made this publication regarding the induction fee.

I wish to retract that publication and state that the money requested was for provisional licence, induction logistics and other personal clearances needed to offset some bills.

Please know that I’m committed to preventing this from happening again.

I value and appreciate my school for the effort made in training me to be a great Doctor.


Yakubu Mariam.

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