Lokoja, Fastest Growing City: Mixed Reactions as Gov Bello Shares Report


Mixed reactions have trailed the reports of Kogi State Capital, Lokoja, as one of the 20 fastest growing cities in the world.

The report which was shared by Governor Yahaya Bello on his official page, was a population growth report carried out by www.visualcapitalist.com, a Canadian-based publishing company.

According to the report, “the majority of the world’s fastest growing cities are located in Africa—in fact, 17 of the 20 are located on the continent, with four of the 20 cities being located in Nigeria specifically.”

It placed Lokoja in second place in Nigeria with a 5.93% annual growth rate, following Gwagwalada which is ranked first in the country with 6.46%.

However, Governor Yahaya Bello shared the report on his page, and it has been mixed reactions of celebrations, doubts and utter disbelief from the people of the state.

Sanni Dauda: Yes I repeat that again every school In Kogi state, in every ward there is new school structure by his excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Sunday Unekwu Ohiemi: Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello has done well as regards security in particular and other aspect.

Abdulmaleek Muhammed: If they say it is growing in population , i can believe that… In terms of infrastructure, it’s nothing to write home about… The expressways have no drainage system…. Lack of town planning has made people to build house on the fluid plain… no proper housing scheme.. i think this call is more of an alarm than a praise…

Makafan Freeman: This is shamefully, what a blatant lie of the century from self acclaimed youth governor. May God forgive you. Kogi state that remain one of the most backward state in Nigeria and Lokoja her state capital as one of the most poor state capital in Nigeria. Have u stop paying local government civil servants 20% the answer is NO and you are here telling us Lie placing Kogi where it doesn’t belong. 

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