Group Tackles Sen. Alex Kadiri Over Comment on North Central Zone’s 2023 Presidency

By Temibi Samuel, Lokoja. 

A Pro North Central Presidency Advocacy group, the North Central Coalition for Leadership (NCCL), has tackled Ex Kogi Senator, Alex Kadiri over his recent comment urging the North Central Zone to bury thought of succeeding President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023. 

The group, in a statement by its Director General, Mr Oluwatoyin Charles said that such statement from a supposed elder statesman is capable of relegating the Zone to the back bench of political affairs in the country. 

Mr. Williams pointed out that the region has never been given the opportunity to rule the nation either in the presidency or in the capacity of vice presidency’s slot despite the very strategic role and position which the region occupied in the nation.

He described the senator’s comment that “nobody from the region was worthy of the presidency” as disparaging and an insult to himself who was not just from the region but who has served in the Red Chambers of the Nation’s legislative arm for 5 years representing Kogi East.

Mr. Williams added that if truly the former senator was a leader of the region as he made the public to believe during the press conference he held, he would not have diminished his own region, rather gather the needed momentum and add his own voice to ensuring that the largely marginalized region was given the desired and overdue recognition.

He said that according the Nation’s constitution, every citizen of the country irrespective of his/her region is entitled to the top executive position of the country and there were several qualified and politically viable individuals from the region that has the track record and the capacity to lead the nation.

He encouraged the senator to desist from playing politics of bitterness which according to him rendered his five years of service at the Red Chamber non impactful on the people of Kogi East which he represented. 

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