Kogi: Testing the Unity of the Majority

Every election comes with its own challenges, and political players are busy oiling their political machinery towards the November 11th Kogi state Gubernatorial election. Several candidates have emerged from various primaries across the 18 political parties that will participate in the said election.

Kogi election has a way of entertaining Nigeria political spectators with its different drama like soap opera coming with several episodes.

As we gear towards the election, so many names and slogans are being brandished like Enemunee, Ebigo, Awa lokan, at the detriment of good governance that could guarantee a better standard of living, good road network, provision of basic medical supplies to our hospitals, efficient security, prudent and judicious use of tax payer hard earned money.


Politics is about struggling to capture power and the big wigs are doing every thing to struggle for that leather upholstery seat in Lugard house, whose color l can’t recollect.


The aftermath, the “Abrakadabra”primaries where the king maker of Kogi rulling house has succeeded in selecting his first cousin as the heir to the throne in Lugard house ,we don’t need a paternity DNA test or to assemble at the village square to listen to tails by moonlight from a grey head grandfather for that.

Nobody, can lay claim to monopoly of best brain, and hence the rulling party couldn’t be fair enough to see KOGI West origin worthy of tickect to that sacred seat at Lugard house, or is it a taboo? for an Okun/Lokoja/Koto man to access Lugard seat through ballot, Lord Lugard must be hidding something from the KOGI West origin, irrespective of the yard stick or parameters used there competent and knowledgeable son’s and daughter’s of this extraction in every wards in KOGI West.

I am of opinion that, he behoves on the Okun elite (OTT Association) to trow their weight behind a Competent, Capable, Viable, Experienced and Widely/Popular Ane’lagala candidates for November 11th election,this will be a political deposit and collateral the for the future.

Politics is a game of numbers where the majority have their way and minority have their say.

Politician understand that election is not won base on one sole strength, one needs the support of other group, region and ethnics groups,l am being mindful not to be devil advocate.

The last time l checked the site of National Bureau of Statistics, KOGI State has 4.5million population with several ethnics groups comprises of Bassa,Lokoja/Oworo,Ogorimagongo,Kakanda and the lgala’s with population of 2million, the Ebira’s of population close to a million and Okun’s with population above a million.

This piece is a political x_ray of Kogi politic and not about geography and demography of Confluence state that is almost turn to conflict state (God forbid) due to power struggle for Lugard House.

The arithmetic equation and formular of Kogi State has placed the Ane’lagala at advantage with their strong political strength with voters

Kogi West present strong contenders in a cosmopolitant space like Kogi, with the presence of the likes of Dino Melaye, Abejide and Braimoh, Dino Melaye seems to be the most popular candidate for the race to Lugard house, whose one don’t need to Google his profile before having access to his political profile.

His on record ,since the emergence of Dino as the flag bearer of his party, members of his party are deserting, leaving in droves to other party, “jumpology”as we say on the street, his candidacy has further eroded the skeletal members of his party especially members of his immediate Senatorial zone,with most of them queing to take pictures and appointment to prove their departure,don’t ask me the studio, only few politician can cope to be in opposition for another 8year.

Elder Leke, mighty present Peter Obi scenario as vote from Okun his stronghold might not be enough to guarantee him victory, l can bet that picking running mate from lgalaland does not guarantee him the needed vote for Lugard House, like Obi/Datti, Datti is a good and perfect match choice for Obi, but does it have strong political command from the north like Kwankwaso, would Ane’lgala’s be ready to sacrifice their son’s political ambition for a son as deputy, considering central no go area with a sole candidate and a block vote for the rulling party anointed one.

At this Political Bus stop, that the Ane’lagala found themselves,it has come to remind us the needs for them to do a soul searching for us to close rank and go for unity of purpose,not for the benefit of the lgala kingdom alone but for the collective advantage of the entire Kogi State.

The November 11th election in Kogi state is a context between darkness and light, Majority interest versus family/Self interest and Going forward versus going backwards,God forbid for Kogi to go through a term of pain not to talk of another 8years of stipend take home pay.

November 11th election has gone into full blown ethnics context which ordinarily shouldn’t be so, at this junction may be the Ane’lagala will have to appease or invoke the spirit of our ilustrious son who has written his name in gold in the sand of time among the Ane’lagala,Dr Steven Omakoji Achema who paid ultimate sacrifice to put Majority interest above his personal interest, just for the unity of the Ane’lgala ,but should one preach or fly the kite of ethnics politics in a cosmopolitant society like Kogi State? where ethnics Agenda rant the air from all nooks and crannies of Confluence state .

But he who must come to justice must come with clean hand, let’s ask ourselves in Kogi looking at the primaries conducted across most parties, does it gives room for fairness and equity? can it pass justice test? Let those who hide under the tent of power to undermine our party primary electioneering process.

Let them search and challenge their soul if their reputation can recognize their character if they meet in darkness, though karma’s has a way of paying them back, they should ask Atiku, Okoroocha and his in-law and Matawale who was hell bent in removing and impeaching his deputy despite the handwriting on the wall, tolling with a General son is like toiling with the political will of the Ane’lgala in Kogi State with strong political strength.

The way forward,towards a better govern Kogi compare to what will have now, Kogites are having mixed filling as to who to support, as Kogites can not take the risk of another 8year of mediocre performance, the time is now to start collating ideas,closing ranks, lobbying , realignment, conversation for cooperation of all candidate from the lgala axis to seek the support of the West.

This piece is to arouse the political conciousness and realities on ground in Kogi state.

What keep some of us going on Kogi issues is Hope ,if not some of us we JAPA or denounce our Identity and Kogi origin status.

The Elites with proven integrity from the Igalaland should assemble all Ane’lgala candidate for proper, sincere profiling of what the candidate from the Eastern zone has to offer better than others, to do a litmus test of their popularity,chances, capacity, competency to deliver, leadership qualities to unite entire Kogi state and to govern, all this must be the criteria that will guarantee other ethnics groups queuing behind one of Omaye.

This November 11th election we further test and will go a long way to prove their numerical strength as the zone with strongest political will.

All and sundry of igala’s extraction should come forward with their voters card to freely give their mandate to the best among themselves, this is the time that thier Ane’lgala DNA would be tested at the ballot.

In a free and fair pool, in the face of current BVAS, unlike the 2019 election, cooperation and unity of purpose will bring out resounding victory.

This context is a must win in the good interest of the majority,no one can lay claim or be more Kogites than the rest of us all, the Lugard house seat is not a monarchy or a family clan heritage, all Kogites both minorities and the majority are eligible to aspires for the highest seat in the land.

For Ane’lgala’s to come out victorious come November 11th, and if they want the support of other zone, from reliable source good and strong politician and youths from the west and central who are on the side of fairness and equity that are ready to work and help actualise the mandate of the Eastern candidate, provided they unite.

Even those that have gone openly to tendered their resignation from their party not excluding majority of those that have taken pictures and handshake in exchange with envelope, those jamboree is just for survival,as deep down in their soul they no whom they will support.

The Ane’lagala must fish out mischief makers,moles and spies among themselves, who are on a mission to undermine our collective efforts, not forgetting those who have made themselves known openly as a tools for nefarious activities, with their unprintable threat , l mean the untrained men who carry arms, who are hell bent in doing the bidding of their pay master.

Forgeting this election is not do or die, we look forward for a seamless transition to another government in Kogi state.

The Ane’lgala’s must handle this with utmost unprecedented political maturity to support the most popular acceptable candidate among themselves, precedent have been layed by our late hero’s, the likes of Achema,Audu,AT Ahmed,Okino, Awoniyi,Olorunfemi and Daniyan, that unity works,may the labour of this hero’s past not be in vain.

Only what we pray for is victory for us all in the candidacy of Ane’lgala’s come November 11th,this victory is a victory whose book waiting to be written or a movie waiting for nextflix to be shown, they must come together with a strong bond of Omaye, to avoid sky-diving in the air without helmet in this election,as failure of Ane’lgala’s candidacy is not an option in this context, history will be kind to us if we both achieve this through unity.

I look forward to resounding echoes of victory that we resonate across the lent and breath of Nigeria political space.

Wrote by Bright Olushina.
From Abuja.

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