Kogi Senators Added Insult to Injury – PDP 

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi State has slammed the Senators from Kogi State who voted against the electronic transmission of results.

The trio of Yakubu Oseni (Central), Jibrin Isah Echocho (East) and Smart Adeyemi (West) were amongst the 52 senators who voted against the clause on Thursday when the Senate passed the long awaited Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill, 2021. 

The PDP State Director, Media and Communication, Mr Dayo Onibiyo stated that the action of the Senators was an addition of insults to the injury of bad governance under the All Progressives Congress administration in the state.

“It is most ridiculous and almost unbelievable, seeing supposed representatives of the great people of Kogi state at the upper chamber of the National Assembly, voting against a would have guaranteed transparent process bill aimed at securing the people’s hard earned votes’ cast by the good people of Nigeria come 2023 and going forward, as the Kogi born Senators took turn to vote against the Electronic Transmission of results, to the dismay of all responsible Kogi sons and daughters as well as Nigerians.

“A situation where all the three Senators from Kogi state, all APC members, voted NO in the issue of electronic transmission is quite appalling, low, democratic-short change and discouraging, as it only reminds one of aspersions casted on the credibility of their emergence as well as the many questions surrounding the process.

“Democracy is daily suffering major setbacks in Nigeria and sadly, Kogi state is being mentioned in the middle of all these, while we are still battling with bad governance back home by our Governor, H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Senators are adding insults to the injury by failing to be listed amongst greater Nigerians who in their right wisdom voted YES of moving the country forward.

“We say very proudly that any politician who is worth his or her onion will boldly support the instant transfer of results of election he or she stood for, except the ones that rigs, promotes violence and bribes every dick, tom and harry just in desperation to win, only to get to offices and do nothing for the people.

“It is so disheartening that in the 21st century, people who sit in the comforts of their homes to do online transactions, inclusive businesses and even check or monitor their children’s results/ performances, are now suddenly scared of what Junior Secondary School pupils applaud.

“We note with serious confusion that the same votes for Electronic Transmission were conducted ELECTRONICALLY on the floor of the same Senate, and as such we are left wondering as this never told wickedness, which makes us thinking if these Senators know the meaning of the vote they took part in”.

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