Kogi Commissioner of Information, Kingsley Fanwo Resigns to Join Yagba Reps Seat 

To clear the way for his aspiration to represent Yagba West Federal Constituency, Kingsley Fanwo has resigned his appointment as the Kogi State Commissioner of Information and Communications. 

Fanwo who earlier resigned his appointment, has gone ahead to purchase his expression of interest and nomination forms under the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC. 

If he emerges as the flag bearer of the party, he will be battling the incumbent Member representing the Constituency, Leke Abejide who is seeking reelection under the African Democratic Party, ADC. 

Speaking with newsmen after picking his nomination forms Friday in Abuja, Fanwo lauded governor Bello for the opportunity to learn under him.

“I have learnt from the best in terms of politics, in terms of administration, in terms of humanitarian service, I have learnt from the best and the best is Alhaji Yahaya Bello. You know when you look at what he has done in Kogi state, all of us are proud of his giant strides. 

“This is a man that inherited a balkanized state. A state that was divided, a state that was disunited but he came and ensured unity in the state. And apart from that, our governor has been able to ensure security in the state. 

“A state that was almost becoming a pariah state, a state that was the cesspit of kidnapping and criminalities, he has been able to put his foot down to ensure that our state today is one of the safest state in Nigeria. 

“Also when you look at prosperity, with all of his program that touched on the welfare of the good people of Kogi state, you will agree with me that he’s the best thing to have happened to the people of Kogi state.

“And that’s why we are not surprised that Nigerians are calling on him, he’s the first to pay for the expression of interest form and nomination form to become the president of Nigeria.

“When he becomes president, I am not saying if he becomes president, I am saying when he becomes president, he will ensure security, he will ensure unity and he will enthrone prosperity in our nation.”

Speaking on his plan for the Yagba West, Fanwo said: “I am contesting to represent the great people of Yagba federal constituency and when you look at People of Yagba, we are blessed with best brains in Nigeria. When you talk of the best educationist, the best in medicine, the best in engineering, you are talking of the very good poeple of Yagba, but unfortunately for us, we are not being represented in that capacity in the green Chambers. 

“I am not saying the person there now is not doing anything, he has done some good things, but the reason why I’m stepping forward is because I can do it better.

“What we are bringing is called participatory representation. You can not represent the people you don’t know. You can not represent the people you don’t even understand. You can not represent the people that you don’t even understand the challenges they are going through. You must know them. You must understand them before you can represent them and that is what we are bringing on board from 2023.”

Meanwhile, recall in August 2021, Fanwo had denied his ambition. 

Reacting to what he had described as a rumour in an interview, he said his 2023 political aspiration is for the state governor, Yahaya Bello to become President of Nigeria.

The Commissioner said that Governor Bello will find it difficult to not run, owing to the number of Nigerians begging him to run.

“On the issue of my contesting for Yagba Federal Constituency in 2023, it is good as referred to it as a rumour. My total commitment and biggest political ambition is to see my Governor as the next President of Nigeria”.

He said: “Though he (Yahaya Bello) has not declared his intention to run, it will be impossible for him to turn down the pressure on him by the Nigerian people. That is my ambition and I am totally committed to that”.

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