Kogi Christian Pilgrims Arrive Jordan, Pray for Peace in Nigeria


The Christian pilgrims from Kogi State, Nigeria have arrived Jordan where they prayed for peace in Nigeria, and an end to the security and economic challenges confronting the nation. 

A group of pilgrims led by a tour guide, Mueen Akvoush and the Executive Chairman, Kogi Christian Pilgrims Commission, Mr Samuel Oluwafemi, visited Gedara, where Jesus Christ cast demons out of a madman possessed of an unclean spirit. Jessica Onyegbule reports. 

The pilgrims prayed to God to cast out the spirit of destruction of lives, banditry, kidnapping and criminal elements, who had been responsible for the state of insecurity in parts of the country.

Oluwafemi urged the pilgrims to take advantage of the spiritual exercise to improve on their relationship with God and solicit for His intervention in their daily activities.

He also led the pilgrims to River Jabbok, where Jacob split his family into two, in preparation to meeting with his brother, Esau.

The Executive Chairman, Kogi Christian Pilgrims Commission, called for the spirit of reconciliation with one another for the building of our country.

“I encourage every pilgrim to pray fervently for God’s intervention on the challenges confronting our families and nation in particular, and keep reconciling for the growth, unity and togetherness of our nation.”

Some of the pilgrims expressed gratitude to the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Rev. Yakubu Pam, for providing Nigerians with the opportunity for seeing, touching and rekindling the memories of places where Jesus Christ performed miracles in Jordan.

They pledged to behave well and remain good ambassadors of Nigeria as well as respecting the Jordanian Government’s rules and regulations.

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