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VicPraise is one of the leading gospel musicians in Kogi State, and the convener of International Gathering of Worshipers (IGOW), one of the fastest growing concerts in the North Central part of Nigeria. His recent song, “Ewuari’avoni” which was a shower of Ebira encomiums on the mightiness of God, has been rated as one of the best Ebira gospel songs in late 2017, and has continued to make Top 10 massive airplay in 2018, such that even the non-Christians find it suitable to sing.

In this exclusive with Ebira Reporters, the Gospel Minister gives insight into the journey of his music ministry, and the inspiration behind the song.

Who is VicPraise?

My name is Adomu Omuya Victor, an Ebira boy from the family of Late Evang. Samuel Sezuo Adomu in Obeiba-Ihima, Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State. I’m a graduate of Business Administration, and currently pursuing another degree. I’m a practicing Administrator with one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria. I’m a producer, music instructor, and voice coach with so many songs received and written to credit. Above all, VicPraise is a praise and worship leader with an unquenchable fire and hunger to knowing more of God daily.

How long have you been into the music ministry, and how has the journey been?

Well, I have been singing and playing percussion in my home church since I was 7 years old. But as a calling into full and serious ministry, it started about 15 years ago. Talking about the journey, it has been pretty tough, most especially when I had to combine music with studies, and now with work. It has not been easy, but with God in it all, I have every reason to give Him the praise.

Ewari’avoni is your recent song which has been trending across Ebiraland, what was the inspiration behind the song?

Hmmm… that song wows me till now, that even me, I don’t really know how it happened. All I know is that I got a leading to wait on God for 41 days with prayer and fasting starting from end of November 2017 till the end of that year. I remember that one of the nights, I woke up to pray and I started hearing those names mentioned in that song coming to me clearly and unusually, and by the time I got the names, they were about 54 of them. So the following morning, I called Goddykeys, my friend who is also a producer to record the song.

Since then, it has been testimony upon testimony from people. That song has healed so many diseases, mended broken hearts and so forth. I give God all the praise.

By the acceptance and testimonies, would you rate it as your best song so far?

Well, I think this is the first time I will ever do something strictly in my mother tongue, and I also want to believe that the song was given in that particular time for a reason. So, I will not say it is my best song so far because the Lord who has given that one is still very much alive to bring more.

Are we expecting a video of the song?

I’m seriously planning to go on set for the video, just trying to put our resources together. Because I have discovered that even the non-Christians love the piece, I have decided to give it the best video I can.

How would you rate Gospel Music in Ebiraland?

On the scale of 100, I will give it 40. But then, we can be better if only we are ready to put away hate amongst us, love each other like one, bear each other’s burdens like the old apostles, and respect one another which is very key according to Ephesians 6:11.

So, what are your words to the other Gospel ministers out there?

Be real, stay in your calling and don’t try to be like another person. Above all, maintain your relationship with God, let there be a daily hunger to know more of God, keep the fire on the alter burning… Leviticus 6:12; keep knowing whom you serve (God) and you shall continue to do exploit according to Daniel 11:33.

Thank you for your time.

You are welcome.

To download Ewuari’avoni, Click Here

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