Major Historical Events in Ebira Land

If you were born in the 1900s, then this is not for you. If you were not, and you have seen this before, this is not for you too. But if you have not, you are in the right place. Here is a chronology of major historical events in Ebira Land as put together by historians, such as Ibrahim Otu King in his HANDBOOK OF EBIRA.


1881 – The installation of Ohindase (Okomanyi Avogude), rain maker in Ebira Division.

1882 – The first installation of Ozumi (peacemaker) in Ebira Division.

1885 – The arrival of the first white man in Ebira land.

1902 – Odimboro’s burial where an inferno burnt people to ashes, yet, Odimboro was not burnt.

1903 – Omadivi was appointed the first paramount ruler of Ebira by the Colonial government at Okene-Eba.

1910 – Roman Catholic Church, Okene built.

1912 – Disastrous famine of Osinageri.

1916 – The first appearance of bicycle in Ebira Land.

1917 – Roman Catholic school Okene founded.

1917 – Installation of Ibrahim Onoruoiza as Atta of Ebira Land.

1918 – Time of Akuosu i.e. Worldwide influenza epidemic where there were insufficient clothes to bury the dead.

1919 – Onyayi i.e. small-pox struck the whole of Ebira.

1921 – The first appearance of a three-wheel motor car on Ebira road.

1922-25 Major T.A.G. Budgen, a white man, was nicknamed Oyivo Arimoh.
– Okene – Lokoja road was constructed.
– Construction of the first zinc-roofed house in Ebira.

1923 – Ebira Native Authority Central School was founded.

1925 – Obangede clannish riot in pursuit of self administration by Okino’s family.

1926 Time of Ogumare i.e construction of Eastern railway line.
– Saint Andrew’s Anglican School was built by a Jamaican, L.A. Lennon.

1927 – Okene Prison Yard built. And Osara mini old bridge opened.
– Lambete i.e present central school Okene (now AAAMCO) opened.

1928 – Public news of Aladura. Many Ebira people trooped to the west to see a Prophet.

1929 – Invasion of Akuvariva i.e. Locust, which caused a terrible damage to crops and trees in Ebira Land. It resurfaced in 1930.

1930 – Okevere of Okene-Eba started Ekuechi festival performance.

1931 Prisoners in Okene prison killed by thunder.

1932 Death of Ogbojo of Osisi.

1933 Acheweru Idoji , started Ekuechi festival.

1934 Birth of Alhaji Abdulmalik Atta.

1935 Death of Aragaraga i.e Atta’s Father.

1936 Death of Okino, the great Hunter
Construction of Okene water works (Okuhavi).

1937 introduction of Oganya, Okene cemetery.
-1937 Building of Okene Area court.

1938 Death of Pa Samari of of Uruvoba.

1939 Stone fell on Anahi, a salt dealer, who died on the spot as people struggled for salt during a period of acute scarcity.

1940 Construction of a Police station in Okene.

1942 construction of Okene Central Mosque.

1945 Death of Okaraga, the Ohindase of Okene.

1946 Death of Omade of Obehira.

1947 Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe visited Okene on the platform of N.C.N.C.

1948 Death of Ichimiri, leader of Ogugureba, a singing masquerade during Ekuechi festival.

1949 Building of Okene post office.
– A local weaving industry in Okene was established.

1950 Alhaji Atta killed an Elephant.

1951 Ebira General Tax Riot.

1952 Construction of Teacher’s college i.e Ukpogo (Now O.S.S).

1953 Dethronement of Atta Ibrahim.

1954 Abdication of Atta Ibrahim.

1955 Installation of Muhammadu Sani Omolori as Ohinoyi of Ebira Land.

1957 Okene road was tarred.

1958 Construction of Okene Hospital by the Federal Government and Catholic Mission.

1959 Abubakar Tafawa Balewa visited Okene to present Mr. Joseph Ohiani as the NPC candidate to the House of Reps.

1960 Fighting in Okene central mosque as a result of political disagreement.

1962 Death of Ozigizigi of Obehira.

1963 Govt took control of Okene Hospital.

1964 Govt took over Water Works.

1965 Death of Mr. George Ohikere, former Chairman, and Nigerian ports Authority, Lagos.

1966 Okene College of Commerce was founded by Mr. Joseph Ohiani.

1967 Biafran Army invaded Ebira Land, killed seven.

1968 Death of Ologori of Ogori, Mr. G.B. Akerejola.

1969 First helicopter appearance in Ebira Land.

1970 Second collapse of Okuhobanyi (river).

1972 Death of Kekere Ozigodigo, gounder of the Ikede and Chekene music, and the first singer to wax a record.

1991 Kogi state was created.

2016 Yahaya Adoza Bello became the first Ebira man to govern Kogi state.

It is such a long journey. Much gratitude to those who made it a responsibility to have these historical dates recorded. WE ARE DOING SAME. Just if we missed any, post your observation as comment below.

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