Unveiling Dr Aliyu Audu Ph.D, Kogi Born that May be Governor

As Kogi citizens look forward to November 11th gubernatorial election with all expectation, that will usher in a new Kogi State we can all be proud of, this piece is not about Kogi Politics and several ethnics sentiment agenda being promoted at the detriment of people’s s oriented agenda.

Away from party politics, and dive into political economy on how various government policies have affected an average Nigerian on the street.

An X-ray of Nigeria economy challenges, shows that our economy is on life support, and hanging in the balance.

If we must look ourselves in the eyes and speak the real truth, Nigeria economy is in a critical stage now, begging and needs emergency economic attention from the best hands both within and outside the Country.

In all this economic woes there comes a beacon of hope in Kogi in an ilustrious Kogi Son, called Aliyu Audu Ph.D through whom if the right people like him take charge, we can see a ray of light at the end of tunnel. There is a strong possiblity of having visible light in sight soon.

Despite how battered our economy status is, our New President, Bola Tinubu, came with the slogan of Renewed Hope for Nigeria in this new dispensation.

Let me Unveil the young Economic scholar, in his early 40s.

Dr Aliyu Audu, the Kogi State born lnternational Economic expert, trained from Univesity of Hertfordshire UK, one of the most Prestigious Universities in the World where he obtained his BA Honor in lnternational Economic. Because of his love for sound education and quest for deeper knowledge of global economy, he proceeded further for his Postgraduate degree where he majored in lnternational Economic, Banking and Global finance from Cardiff University in UK and bagged his doctoral degree (Ph.D) in Economics from American University Washington in the United States of America.

Dr Aliyu Audu, is a thorough bred economic Guru with required credentials to be appointed as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria.

In achieving the promise of Renewed Hope and If the government of the day are sincere to deliver on their political manifestation to Nigeria, there is a need for them to look the way of Dr Aliyu Audu for quick economic recovery growth of our dying economy.

If the appointment into the Governor office of Central Bank of Nigeria would be based on Competence, Capacity, International connection, Experience, ,Merit, Age and Passion for Economic resuscitation, Dr Aliyu Audu is a perfect match having all the needed requirements in his belt and his appointment would be round peg in a round hole.

Dr Aliyu Audu is among few economic scholars who foretold the failure of naira redesign. He is on record both in major print media and broadcast that the policy was ill-concieved due to wrong timing if we must learn from other nations of the world who tried such – the likes of India, the end result of the fail naira redesign has vindicated him in most of his economic analysis and postulation.

Dr Aliyu Audu, is consultant to several global financial body like IMF and World Bank.

His research in Agriculture, Finance, Banking and Environmental Renewable energy stands him out for the plumb job of Central Bank of Nigeria

His experience in how to revive a fail economy, passion for home made (Made in Nigeria) food has further proved that he has all what it takes to occupy the seat of CBN Governor. Even his friends and associate will attest to it that Dr Aliyu Audu, has strong passion for eating Kogi State produce Rice (Confluence Rice) either the one from Ibaji local government or the one from Ejiba Yagba West local government both in Kogi State. We need a man that believes in home grown food at this moment so as to achieve food sufficiency and to discourage importations that destroy our economy.

The managers of our economy for the past eight years have done more harm than good to our economy due to their summersault policy on foreign exchange, naira instability, inconsistent financial policy, naira redesign, indiscriminate ban on some item that has made some business to go bankrupt and moribund.

Dr Aliyu Audu, being the Vice President Nigeria/Ireland Business Association, believes strongly that Nigeria can attain the Economic height of Ireland – lreland with a population of less than 6million is among the first five best economies in the world with food sufficiency, ICT, Animal Production, supplying 60% of meat to other Europe nations.

He is at the fore front vanguard of showcasing Nigeria rich potentials to global investors through their yearly Nigeria Diaspora Summit.

Dr Aliyu Audu’s rich experience in Agriculture, Finance and Banking will be an added bonus to restore the lost economic glory of our dear Country Nigeria, if considered for the job of office of the Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria.

Written by:
Bright Olushina.
From Abuja.
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