20 Billion Fraud: Kogi Senators’ Naked and Macabre Dance In The Market Square


Senator Smart Adeyemi,Senator Jibrin Isah and Senator oseni have decided to join the ongoing macabre dance in Kogi, by dancing naked before the Nigeria public on issue of 20 Billion that involved the state government and not federal government/level.

Kogi is always novel for bad politics,this is the first time that senators from states in Nigeria will confront EFCC over a state government slush of funds meant for payment of salaroies/ developement and welfare of it’s citizens.

Coincidentally ,these senators have been dragged to EFCC in their previous assignments both at the private,state and federal level.

There is a saying that he that comes to equity,should come with a clean hand,even though,it was allegations that they may be found wanting and culpable for trial by the EFCC.That is by the way.

This is a strong conviction that the ghost of Kogi election in 2019 will continue to haunt the three senators now and for a long time to come,as their actions showed they are political stooges to Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello.

It is no longer news how the general elections and bye election that brought the three senators was massively rigged to curry home victory for them,the later one of Kogi west,was complete day light political robbery.

Senators who are monthly on refund to state government for election funding in 2019, and subsequently,along with lack of political will to appoint even their aides,cannot said to stand tall to fight for the welfare of the people.

No wonder, the Almighty Kogi east Senator, openly stated that his political loyalty is to no any other person, except Kogi Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his Deputy, Edward Onoja.

For Kogi West, it has been same story,that the current gate crasher is only there to enrich himself,the family and later throw crumbs to some low prestige individuals from Kogi west, and not a representation of the entire people of the area.

This period for Kogi West,is more or less a military coup like period,where the military rule with fiat and command.

The worst is happening in Kogi Central,the home of the Governor,Alhaji Yahaya Bello as the occupant, Senator never dreamt of becoming a state lawmaker,more of a Senator of federal republic of Nigeria.

With their disposition, I don’t know how they wish to intervene or their intervention will bring ,pipe borne water, electricity,clinics and hospitasl as well as a conducive education to the people of their Senatorial districts.

After two years, the senators are still struggling and promising boreholes,empowerment, conducive learning environment and capacity building program to their Constituents.

The representation of the three senators fell short of expectations,even with the ranking advantage of Kogi west Senator, his major engagements is duplication of programs and needless activities.

Two years after,the performance of Kogi East and Central Senator is ranked below average both in Constituency projects and plenary,as the two areas,seems not to have representation at that level.

No wonder they had every opportunity to visit the anti graft agency, EFCC to lobby for Bello’s exoneration and innocence.

The next port of call will be the ICPC, so as to preempt any attempt to open the many can of worms in Kogi state before it is too late.

I hope the APC Members of the House of Representatives from Kogi state will not join this ugly show of shame displayed by kogi Senators, to the embarrassment of the red chamber of the National Assembly.

It is high time the red chamber probed the visit of Kogi Senators to EFCC, as they have showed glaringly needless influence on the EFCC to teleguide the outcome of the investigation.

This is an allegation that the state government already denied of having anything to do with either Sterling Bank or the 20 Billion being investigated by the EFCC,why then is Senators from kogi state are pre-empting the outcome.

This journey to EFCC is shameless and political suicide that will not be forgiven, forgotten now or in the nearest future by the people of Kogi state

Usman Okai Austin CNA Writes from Abuja

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