Yahaya Bello to President Tinubu: Kogi Election Will Be Violence-free

Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has assured President Bola Tinubu that there will be no violence in the coming election because he is in charge of the State.

He made this known while addressing thousands of the All Progressive Congress (APC) supporters in Okene on Saturday to round up the three Senatorial districts rally for the coming governorship election.

His words, “From Kogi East to Kogi West to Kogi Central. Today, I am in charge. I am assuring you, Mr. President, I am assuring you, our National Chairman, your Excellency, Umar Abdullahi Ghandouje, that in Kogi State, there will be no violence.

“We are going to win overwhelmingly. We have started it from Kogi East, you saw the crowd, Kogi West, you saw the crowd and today Kogi Central.”

According to him, Kogi Central is a beneficiary, Kogi East is a beneficiary and Kogi West is a beneficiary from President Tinubu’s administration.

“Today, Nigerians are benefiting from that, your principal. Therefore, anybody, you have given a directive. As a leader of our party, you have blessed our candidates. They are blessed this particular mandate.

“It is an offshoot of your mandate. Anybody within you, anybody outside you, who would want to sabotage your authority, who wants to undermine your authority, will meet this opposition from anywhere here in Kogi State. We are not going to give them any chance at all because they are within you and they are disappointing you already. They are within the system but they want to undermine the system.

“I am in charge in Kogi State. Your Excellency, your son, your lawyer son, your dedicated son, your capacity son, in the name of Governor Yahaya Bello a.k.a. the White Lion. I am in charge in Kogi State. Kogi people are not going to allow anybody to truncate it. We are going to follow in your footsteps. Let nobody truncate it. Kogi is won by APC. Let nobody truncate it.”

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