Why I Started Online Cab Business in Lokoja – Promise Emmanuel 


Promise Emmanuel is the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Edward Onoja. The founder of krcabs.com in this article, detailed the inspiration behind his pioneering of the online taxi hailing business in Lokoja, Kogi State.

He wrote:

When I conceived the idea of KRcabs.com I wanted to solve a societal problem especially in Lokoja.

The idea was to bring Lagos and Abuja to Kogi. Atleast, they will say we have these services.

The town is bereft of contemporary culture. I found many people who told me how it cannot be done or how it won’t work, I agree, on the commercial level, it takes time for businesses to pick up.

First, you need to create a structure, make it a culture. The culture drives sales. Sales drive profit. Profit drives expansion.

I will appreciate more people to venture into this area, it might not be immediately lucrative but we need to build the culture together. When someone sent me an advert that Bolt was coming to Lokoja, I was excited for many reasons:

1. They will help create the culture and convince people to switch into cab hailing as alternative from Okada and Tricycles.

2. My business model is different from that of Bolt. I provide hourly services- our drivers will stay with you, help you around the market to shop, take you home. Thats like 3k per hour. Bolt can never give you that.

3. We can pick you any hour. Especially pregnant mothers who are due for delivery, their spouse can book with us to be on standby.

4. What about your kids going to school? Would you rather not prefer they come home straight in an air conditioned cab than tethering around town with other kids until it gets to their drop?

5. My drivers are trained, they can drive your car to whatever distance, spanning days, uniformed or in mofty, depending on what you ask- of course, driving your own car to reduce cost.

6. Are you getting married? We can help you get vehicle of your choice on a budget we work out together.

Please, feel free to discuss business with us. There are areas opening up. We can also help you manage your car.

In the coming future, I anticipate a time where KRcabs would pick your family from your home straight to Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and Aba.

How about that sexy AC in Lokoja’s hot sun?

I want to make money, but most importantly, I want to solve a problem in Kogi to open up the space to other entrepreneurs.

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