Video: Gunmen Kidnap 5 Bus Passengers in Kogi

Gunmen have kidnapped bus passengers along Okene-Lokoja expressway in Kogi State, one one the passengers left behind have reported.

According to the passenger who reported the incidence on video, visibly disturbed, five passengers including the driver of the bus were kidnapped by the gunmen.


From the clip, another passenger had to take the wheels to continue the journey.


“Today, I saw it live, this is why people don’t go by road, this is exactly why people don’t go by road. They took the driver, the guy in the front row, the seat I’m sitting on right now is not my seat. The three people here have been taken.” she said.


Watch video

Meanwhile, 10 police officers returning from election duty in Osun were also kidnapped last Sunday in Kogi State.

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