Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim Ticket Ill-advised, Says ex-Kogi Gov 

A Chieftain of All Progressive Congress and former Governor of Kogi State, Chief Clarence Olafemi, has faulted the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the party’s presidential flagbearer, Bola Tinubu.

In an interview with our correspondent in Lokoja on Sunday, Olafemi said that the Muslim-Muslim ticket was ill-advised as it was capable of polarising the country down the path of religious crisis.

He, however, said that as a party man and as a foundation member of the APC, he would still work for the success of APC at the 2023 general election even though he had reservations for the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

“Are you saying there is no Christian in the North capable of occupying the position of Vice president? I view it as an insult on the sensibilities of the Christian community. As I was not part of the decision that brought about the tickets, I have tried to see if anyone can convince me but no one has been able to do so.”

Olafemi, who is also a former Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, said that it was not a well-thought-out decision adding that he was not surprised about the backlash trailing the decision.

“Even though it worked before in 1993, the scenario then was quite different from what is at play today. Nigeria has been so much polarised that she needs a lot of reconciliation and unity which same religious tickets cannot provide in a country with two major religions, Christianity and Islam.”

“I believe that if we truly want peaceful coexistence in the country, we must be seen to be doing everything possible to pacify all religions to bring about peace and not otherwise.”

“However, as a party man, I will have no choice but still work for the success of my party at the polls,” he added.

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