That Shameless Percentage Payment of Salary

Unarguably, we are willing accomplices of Yahaya Bello’s culpabilities. At our own peril, we’ve become a spectator to injustice amid farces of inescapable crimes. Whatever he does, we simply let go. Even if there is a demur, it rests within the tiniest of the minority. Hence, ordeal of abandoned society is baked in mouth-agape wherein, those bearing the brunt praises the enfant terrible for reasons equated to that of agonized widow.

Apparently, we arrived here via avoidable laxities. His first coronation was just a will from the dead. His second coming was a collective undoing abated by the sleight hand of justice in cahoots with the criminals in uniform, democratic pretenders, buccaneers, anti people and anti peace. To ensure he reign supreme, every transparency route is constricted and his gangs are risen in defiance of sanity. Not necessary to say, real democracy and its dividends is never their forte. His aloofness to our corporate existence is heartbreaking.

For posterity sake, I warned. Having understood intrinsically that the knee-jerk government won’t perform beyond the stretch of an arm. Today, my worst fear has materialized. Hood and sinker, none of us is exempted from the glaring incompetence of the Lugard house mayor. Even his co democratic rapists are gnashing their teeth while he soars with collective patrimony.

As we speak, Kogi’s tax players’ money is frittered in pursuit of a dead presidential ambition. And while strategic projects are being executed on social media, the state in essence is next to nothing.

Fellow Kogites, I am still in rude shock. How Yahaya Bello chose to victimized civil servants in the state beats my imaginations. Globally, civil servants are economic drivers. If workers are properly catered for, there would be positive reflection on productivity, and it transcends to economic growth. Initially, I was optimistic the hoax screening exercise will better place these set of patriotic folks giving up all for growth of father land.

Little did I know it was entirely political- a medium through which those who never aligned with tyranny paid the ultimate price. The exercise cruelly showed exit route to countless workers without a dime to lean on. Those retained were never paid for over two years. And when emperor Yahaya Bello had mercy, payment of salaries was, and is done in percentages.

Worst still, while the screening exercise was ongoing, some workers were exposed to ridiculous bank loans that had further denigrated their integrities built over the years. The bank has since tagged the loan facility as bad debt. Hence, whatever percentage of monthly pay that comes in would be cleared.

I broke down in tears after seeing that a civil servant with Okene LGA who was paid the sum of four thousand Naira only (N4,000), had just Eighty two Naira (N82) with which to survive for the month. I also saw others who got a thousand Naira or even below as monthly pay.

What about the retirees and pensioners? To say they are not receiving their pension is understatement, they are dying in numbers.

To be honest, I weep for my dear country. Men of proven integrities, capacities and intellects are often not regarded. But the grand thieves whose morality stinks and obviously do not deserve a space in human abode are widely celebrated. Their crime proceeds are regarded as God’s blessings and they are the stakeholders of my country’s affairs.

How do we progress? Men like Yahaya Bello who are so bereft of ideas wants to be my president. They want to buy my vote with my share of National cake. In the end, they deprive me of good life. My generation would be void of sense of belonging, and to my unborn children, I do not know which society they would live in. Even if this doesn’t augur well, I do not have a voice to express my feelings because the law is made to back their ineptitudes.

As it stands, Kogi civil servants are socially, morally and psychologically murdered but the young lad ascends in his political fortunes. He buys jury with the last penny in the coffers. Recently, he was named the Sarkin Yaki of the ruling party, APC.

According to the senate president, Ahmed Lawan, Yahaya Bello is a shield for APC in Nigeria. This is not the first time the enfant terrible would get accolades for his contributions to APC. As a matter of fact, I gathered that, the northern elements instigating insecurity in their states came begging us for his re-election sequel to contributions made in sustenance of the party. However, Kogi’s tax payers’ money, in essence, is being used to service a conglomerate of parties which connived to oust democracy in 2015.

Notwithstanding, I rest my nerves. What goes around comes around. I wish APC and its e-Kids well in the latest domineering crisis. Maybe, Lagos (Ojota 2012) judges will preside over peace talk again.

Can you see how Ahmed Lawan rubber stamped the 9th assembly? Is Ahmed so deaf that he cannot hear the plight of the jettisoned civil servants in Kogi state or the murderous percentage payment of salaries? Can Ahmed or members of the senate survive with just 82 Naira for a day, let alone a week or month? Yet, all he sees is Yahaya Bello’s contributions to APC. How the people were and are being denied livelihoods is inconsequential. Insecurity, hunger starvation and all anomalies ravaging the state did not matter to Ahmed. Several allegations of financial misappropriations levelled against the governor is unnecessary. I am so ashamed, the senate president and perhaps, the entire 9th assembly Lawmakers are bunch of disappointment to God and His people. Everyone who had retired to Abuja and could not make life better for the masses will face judgement before God.

In Europe, Asia and other developed Nations, governance is successive. Its wall is laid brick by brick. But in Africa, especially Nigeria, governance and its process is destructive. After looting above what 10th generations can sustain, they make things difficult for their successors. After years of foot-dragging, the proposed thirty thousand Naira(N30,000) minimum wage bill scaled through. States like Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Borno etc implemented it almost immediately with timely payments to workers.

A year on, Bello was reluctant until recently. Perhaps, in appeasement of invidious political tactics, Kogi state government finally implemented it but with what they described as ‘partial adjustment’.

Going by the words of the secretary to the state government, Mrs Folashade Arike Ayoade, partial adjustment means, Grade Level 01-06 civil servants will get the minimum wage in full. While Grade Level 07-17 will get it in percentage. Glory! January Salary was paid last week and I’m yet to see who got his or her salary in full.

By default, Bello did the expected. But how do one reconcile his inability to meet up with the previous minimum wage and his latest implementation? He initially refused to comply on grounds of depleted resources. So far, nothing has changed but he has gone ahead to approve the newest structure almost a year to the expiration of his tenure. Can you see the Luciferous antics? While the approval spices his presidential ambition, the next governor must device a way to sustain what he is unable to sustain.

I am ashamed of those applauding Bello for implementing the new minimum wage. It is satanic and hypocritical. He should have complied with the previous structure in full before considering the latest one.

Where is Abdulmumuni Danga, Yahaya Bello’s commissioner kidnapper cum rapist? Where is he? Has Elizabeth Oyeniyi (his victim), been accorded due justice? I doubt. The last time I heard about him was when the police charged him for kidnapping and raping of the innocent Elizabeth. However, we were told he was suspended but where is he?

From the state government website, he is still the commissioner for water resources. That says, he is still parading the street untouched. In advanced world, Bello should have resigned for this singular act, and Danga should be in jail. But we are living in a landscape where crime is part of life.

For anyone who cares, this is how vicious Yahaya Bello and his gangs are. That is why I have no empathy for the side-lined political appointees decrying non payment of salaries. What goes around comes around. They called us all sorts of unprintable names. Some recorded our conversations just to have us blackmailed. I won’t talk about the comrades they sent on exile.

But, I have said this before, and will say it again, the table of life turns but those on the side of ‘truth’ would be vindicated. Here we are! Please, enjoy it while it lasts. However, the youth social media brigands should take a cue from the plight of those used-and-dumped PAs and SAs. Good name is better than riches. We can always survive without our oppressors.

Join the fight against installation of another Yahaya Bello now.

As for the shameless percentage payment of salary, this too shall pass. In the end, Kogites shall come out victorious. A messiah is coming.

– John Paul.
07038729622. (SMS only).

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