“Silent Achiever:” How Kogi Netizens Reacted to Health Commissioner’s Dismissal

The sack of Dr. Saka Haruna Audu as Commissioner for Health by Governor Yahaya Bello came to many as a surprise, as he has been adjudged by many onlookers and netizens as an outstanding Commissioner with towering achievements in Bello’s administration. 

Recall that the Medical Doctor was fired on allegations of misappropriation of funds, and in a developing story, accused of absenteeism in the letter handed him.


Following the reports of ebirareporters.com on the dismissal, Kogi netizens have listed foul political play, being one of the many clogs in the wheels which they said the Doctor could not overcome, and moreso the reason why he would rather remain quiet than tell his side of the story. 

While some taunted him as “the crying commissioner” after his viral interview video during the peak of Covid-19, others extolled him as a silent achiever who gave the government bragging rights with his strides in the health sector. 

Ebirareporters.com conducted a random survey of social media reactions to the development, and not many were pleased with the dismissal of the doctors, even as more believed there was more than meets the eyes. 


The circumstances that led to the sack of Dr. Saka Haruna as Kogi Commissioner for Health need to be made public. What went wrong? The State government needs to unveil it and Dr. Saka also needs to state his own version of the story. 

Governance is not a secret cult where people can be booted out for going against initiation and be gagged at the same time – Isah Bala

Hon. Saka Haruna Audu, don’t for any reason regret all the good you have done to your people.

A lot of people know your worth and we are praying for you sir. – Tijani Akpata

Dr. Saka Haruna Audu, whether you were sack ur good antecedent will speak for you. You did a tremendous work in your ministry in life when you are there many people are within wish you backward that is nature of human being either you re doing well know they will find some lapses in other to use it to track you down. May the Lord continue to see you through in your life endeavors. – Isah Sumaila


Was it not this same guy that came on a national TV to cry his eyes out all in a bid to make his master look good? This life no balance sha. – Neemy Ovy


Ebira government had so many people destroying themselves by lies and Saka is a victim of this evil people….I want to ask after Ohere and Dr Saka who outshine these two in this present administration I want to know please? To me nobody – Haruna Bigitopa Idris

God bless the Governor for this. – Haj Aishat Omade Oyiza

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