Kogi @32: Admiral Jibrin Akpabana Congratulates Kogites, Reiterates Governance Pledge

Admiral Jibrin Usman Akpabana

Marking Kogi State’s 32nd anniversary, Admiral Usman Jibrin Oyibe, the Accord Party’s gubernatorial candidate for the upcoming November 11, 2023 election, sends warm wishes to the state’s populace. Amid the celebratory atmosphere, he reaffirms his strong commitment to advancing Kogi’s governance for a better future.

Originating from portions of Benue, Niger, and Kwara States on August 27, 1991, Kogi State takes its name from the Hausa term for “river,” guided by General Ibrahim Babangida.

Recognizing past achievements while acknowledging gaps, Oyibe highlights the need for substantial progress to lift Kogi’s standing. He assures residents that a new era of effective governance is on the horizon, promising that the Accord Party will triumph in the election and vowing steadfast leadership. “My dear good people of Kogi State, we can not deny the fact that we have come a long way. A child at 32 has become an obvious adult. As I celebrate our remarkable journey so far as a state, I wish to recognize the efforts of our past leaders and to also say that much more works need to be done,” he said.

With 18 contenders confirmed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the governorship race is competitive.

Anticipating a closely contested election for the Lugard House, political analysts foresee a showdown between the incumbent Governor’s chosen candidate, Usman Ododo, and Oyibe of the Accord Party.



As the election approaches, several pivotal factors will shape its outcome, including competence, power rotation aspirations, ethnic considerations, and the pressing poverty situation within the state.

Oyibe, the front-running Accord Party candidate, envisions a distinctive approach to revive the state’s economy. He highlights the potential for Lokoja to serve as a northern seaport, advocating harnessing Kogi’s vast resources.

In his felicitation message, the former Chief of Naval Staff also reiterated on this commitment to bring the state to an enviable hight. He emphasized on security, education, agriculture and youth and women empowerment as the bedrock of his administration.

Admiral Jibrin Usman Akpabana

While praying that God should intervene in the affairs of the state, Oyibe popularly known as Akpabana vowed that the state will witness robust development in the hands of Accord party after the election.

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