Senator A.T. Ahmed: 17th Year Remembrance and the Aftermath of His Exit

The date 10th June, 2006 would forever be remembered as a sorrowful day for us as family and in the political history of our dear state for loosing a compatriot leader, shrewd politician and ancestor to the freedom fighters with global certification at the end of the road.

In every state, there exist some few people blessed with outstanding divine favour and qualities in leading the struggle to become a separate entity on the battle field not for ego, wealth accumulation or sentiment but for the mutual benefit of the governed including the yet unborn as a service to humanity.

Kogi State, was one of those states that witnessed such kind of historical backing by these fallen heroes as people of proven integrity in all spheres of life which put the interest of the people and that of the state and country above any other thing.

The saying that nothing good comes easy has no doubt proved the testimony of our past leaders who led by example as the servants not leaders to their followers in enduring uncountable number of potholes as well as resisting both internal and external pressure to cross the bridge of slavery, economic exploitation and racial segregation in the hands of the dictators thereby striving hard day in day out towards achieving the present day Kogi State for others to follow and enjoy the path of honour.

Senator A.T. Ahmed, who was popularly addressed by political analyst as commandant or civilian general at the forefront of the battle without any sophisticated weapons at his disposal but honesty and the zeal at heart as the acumen he possessed in his efforts to secure the state from the shackles of maladministration.

As 10th June, 2023 marks Seventeenth years of mourning your death which is inevitable with the Islamic belief that says KULLU NAFSIN ZA’IKATUL MA’AUT, meaning every soul on shall taste death. May Allah comfort you with Janatul Firdaus as a final abode.


– Hon. Lawi A.T Ahmed

For the family

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