Okene Council Chairman Participates in Food, Climate Declaration Summit in Glasgow 

The Executive Chairman of Okene Local Government Area, Engr. Abdulrazaq Muhammad on Saturday 6th November, joined 96 other participants across the world to make an outstanding presentation at the ongoing “FOOD AND CLIMATE CHANGE DECLARATION SUMMIT” Glasgow in Scotland.

Hon. Abdulrazaq and two other prominent Nigerians were invited to share their experiences, knowledge, expertise and made credible contributions to the world’s most discussed which was conducted virtually via zoom application while some participants attended physically.

Hon. Abdulrazaq showcase government efforts in tackling climate change at the state and local government level. Engr. Abdulrazaq’s presentation explained the negative impact of covid-19 pandemic on the people and how the collaborated efforts of the three tiers of governments evolved programs and policies that helped absorbed the shock and prevented the economy from total collapsed.

On his effort towards reduction in climate change as it affects food production, the council boss explained to the world that the kogi state and in particular, Okene local government had placed temporary ban on indiscriminate falling of trees and bush burning thereby encouraging afforestation as hubby in students and curtailed the negative effects of climate change in Okene local government and indeed Kogi state. This also helped conserved the rich biodiversity of the land and reduces threat to the ecosystem.

On the level of food production; Hon. Abdulrazaq received commendation when he explained how Kogi state was able to use the APPEALS project as a strong legacy of Agricultural Transformation Agenda and succeeded in achieving food security, local production and created 1,600 jobs with 100 people Living with Disability and Special Needs (PWD-SN) in Okene and of course the entire state as beneficiaries

However, the chairman called on International Communities, Development partners, Individuals and other interested Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) to continue to engage Kogi state government on further ways to tackle effects of climate change on food production but Okene local government in particular on ways our government can further sustain all the coordinated decisions-making on food system.

This support will further help in drafting of all inclusive food policies, reduce some of the challenges and ensure government efforts are seen as Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs). This to a very large extends reduce the effects of climate change and sustain increase in food production and effective distribution.

Abdulmumin Abubakar

Special Adviser to the Chairman

(Media & Publicity)

7th November, 2021

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