Of Ohere, Natasha’s Victories: Bracing Up for the Real Judgment Day

Natasha Akpoti, Abubakar Ohere

Unlike the Lady of Whistledown, I am not much of a regular these days, when it comes to writing my piece about happenings in my political community. I have picked my pen again from where I forgot it, to write a piece of words, ahead of the real judgment day that will gnash teeth, break hearts, and smelt souls.

There is one thing I am sure will happen; it is a spillage of tears, either of joy or sorrow on the streets of Kogi Central Senatorial District.


A quick recap: INEC declared Abubakar Ohere winner of the election, Natasha contested the result at the tribunals and won; Ohere heads to the appeals, and by implication, remains as the Senator till the final lap of judgment to decide who represents the senatorial district in the next three years.


Now, in attempting to explain this reality, I say that Natasha has only won for herself, a ray of hope to attaining her dreams of getting the red seat. This “hope” she won, is quite a big one and the very first hurdle before the decider. So far, it has levelled her up for a tie with her opposition.


However, she has not won the seat, so much that the tribunal becomes useless if the appellate court disagrees and reaffirms Ohere as duly elected.


Instances like this one, was what inspired my Facebook post immediately after the February elections, wherein I opined that, it is better to win an election in Nigeria and let the other side go to court, than be the one going to court. The import of this is rightly staring us in the face, as Ohere has the sole advantage of not only remaining on that seat with Akpabio’s “prayers” till the final decider, but also the very fact that he has succeeded in etching his name as a predecessor to whomever comes after him in the genealogy of Senators who represented Kogi Central.


Bracing up for the real judgment day. The tribunal was the semi-final, and the appeal is the final. Other than watching the movie, “Suits,” and studying Mass Media Law and Ethics in the university, I am not versed in electoral litigations and proceedings to predict who will take the day. But, as a Nigerian, I could make bold to say that the real judgment day is a 50/50 battle. The counsels of either sides might disagree with me based on the papers at their disposals, but I insist, we have seen worse to bank on anything that is not the judgment papers. It is not yet uhuru for anyone to say.



This is why those on the battleground, their cheerleaders and supporters are going to brace up for the real judgment day. Because, whichever way it goes, there shall be spillage of tears, either of joy or sorrow on the streets of Kogi Central Senatorial District. The winner takes it all, the loser has to keep strong. Now, that the final battleground is in Abuja, I hope to personally be in court to see things roll down myself.


I leave you with the words of American journalist and renowned leader of second-wave feminism, Gloria Steinem, who stated that “law and justice are not always the same.” Brace up, my people, brace up!!


Alex Adeiza,

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