Kogi Politician Tenders Public Apology to Wife for Taking Another Wife Behind Her

Renowned philanthropist and one of the contenders in the build up to the November 11 governorship election in Kogi State, Mubarak Musa Abuche has taken to social media to tender a public apology to his wife for taking another wife behind her back over child-bearing delay.

The apology which Abuche shared on Facebook, highlighted the politician’s decision to take another wife after five years of marriage without a child, noting he became an object of mockery.

He wrote:


Life has taught me many lessons, Experience has made me see alot. I have also become wiser with age and Allah (SWT) has always been faithful to me.

Wisdom is in stages and certain things can happen in the life of a man.

In recent times Allah (SWT) blessed my family with a baby boy and a beautiful princess. These came after five years of marriage to my wife.

In The last five years i have faced a lot of criticism, i have been insulted both by friends and and associates, i have been gossipped about within to the point that people began saying that i used my manhood for money ritual.

This things were said both behind my back and to face.

I have Faced depression at different times in the last five year, hid my pains yet moving around as though someone with no worries. Very few people understood what i was going through because i never discuss this issues with People but my creator Allah (SWT).

I got lost in my quest for a child, and took for my self yet another woman because frustration and pressure was beginning to set in.

The wife of my youth was not aware of this arrangement and as Allah will have it, they both got pregnant the same period and put to bed within the same time frame.

I have failed my wife for the first time, my prayer warrior, the mother of my home, i have caused her pain, pain unspeakable, I have disappointed her, i took a step without without her knowing, Something we usually don’t do. she is my confidant, and trusted ally yet i hid this information from her.

I am human and also have fears, fear of the unknown is stronger than anything you can think of. I am sorry for my actions as i can not turn back the hands of time.


Oma, please forgive me. Alot of prominent people have been victim of what has happened to me, Having a polygamous home is not a choice i intended making..

You know the story of Abraham in the bible and that of david too.

People are judgemental, and i know that i have to live with all of the attacks then and even now.

At the end, You are all i have, you are the part of me i can not play with.

Alot has happened but the most important things is that You are the wife of my youth and the mother of my home.

I Love you so much, and promise to remain the best father to our children and husband to you.

Find a Place in your heart to forgive me because to err is human, to forgive is divine.

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