Kogi: Idols Preventing Progress of Okun People – Anglican Bishop

Jacob Babajide-Bada, Lord Bishop of Akoko Diocese, says the lack of unity and divisive tendencies in Okunland has been responsible for the visible lack of progress in the former Kabba Province, expressing concerns about idolatry in the area.

“Idol worshipping for over the years has deprived the land of the needed progress and development, which calls for a rethink and turning toward the living God for help,” he said.

Mr Babajide-Bada made the call at the first session of the 10th Synod of Kabba Diocese Church of Nigeria, held at the Cathedral Church of St Andrew’s, Kabba.


He charged the people to do away with idol worship if they desired God’s intervention and help in developing the Okunland in Kogi.

“This is why I am calling on all the sons and daughters of Okunland to be united, sit at a round table and brainstorm on the way forward for the land and Kogi as a state,” Mr Babajide-Bada explained. “The Bible supports the unity of a group of people. Therefore Okun people should work together and do away with divisive and clannish tendencies that could impede development.”

The Bishop, who dwelt on teaching the synod theme ‘the power and benefits of the Eucharist to the believer’, urged the communicants to go out and win souls for Christ, saying, “We are saved to save others.”


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