Gov. Bello’s Youth and Women Inclusion in Governance: Meet 24 Year-old SSA to Bello on Vocational Education


Love Governor Yahaya Bello or not, the man has eyes for quality irrespective of age or gender. His drive towards youth and women inclusion in governance is obvious, It is even beyond the 35% affirmative action of women being advocated in public governance. In fact, many may refuse or deny this obvious fact due to political and other differences, but the man is brave, he is not afraid to give spoted talents opportunity to play their part in his administration.

The call for the Governor to become Nigeria’s president may already be loud enough across the country, but one common decimal that is hardly disputable is his unabashed commitment to the cause of the youths of Nigeria. He has demonstrated this in Kogi and the entire nation by assembling some of the best brains in his Administration.

This shows that he is a unifier committed to seeing beyond the tribe, religion and other dividing indices. This, in fact, is what young people have been saying across the nation and calling on him to contest for President. 

The Governor Yahaya Bello phenomenon is one that is impacting hirtherto neglected members of the society and his impact is being seen and felt globally. It is therefore not out of place that like a hidden gold still under the rubble, he is being dug out and is being encouraged to put in both of his legs in the presidential race. The theme: ‘GYB2PYB’ is a singsong across the length and breadth of Nigeria. His vision for the development of the nation through fighting of crimes – women and youth Inclusion in major decision making processes and in addition to his investment of other overlooked segments of the society is something needed across the country. The Nigerian Nation is in need of someone in the mould of Yahaya Bello, a man of peace who understands that it is only in unity that development can come about. 

Mechanism for sustainable peace is only in the approach of people like the current Kogi helmsman. He is a man that understands the realities of times and is far ahead of his time. He approaches tries to detect and solve issues even before they become obvious. That is why a Nigeria under Yahaya Bello is one this writer has already envisioned because of what he has turned Kogi to. The formerly known Confluence State is eating, drinking and breathing developmental projects and investments in billions never been seen in the history of the state. 

Yes, everyone cannot be employed into the formal sector of the economy, it is that thought that has created the drive by GYB to ensure encouragement of informal and vocational knowledge to be self – reliant. Truth be told, in the state, Governor Bello is not only popular as the most educationally and infrastructurally friendly but also in all parts of the country because his message and approach to leadership resonates with the yearnings and aspirations of majority of its indigenes.  

One of such young talents in the GYB administration is Hon Nanahawa Yetunde Raji, a young vibrant lady and the definition of beauty and brains. Hon. Nanahawa was the Head Girl while in her Primary School at Mikab Model School Nagazi-Uvete, Kogi State. Then she proceeded to the secondary arm of Mikab for her Junior Secondary Education but then left to CEDIO International School also in Nagazi, and then to Edem in Nsukka LGA, Enugu State during the school’s exchange Programme where she completed her Junior Secondary Education at Igwe Ezea Memorial college.

Her Senior Secondary Education was much more stable as it took her to Demonstration Secondary School (DSS), FCE Okene where she was the Vice President of Talent Hunt Club, and contested in the school’s beauty pageant to be the first Miss DSS. She graduated from the National Open University of Nigeria ( NOUN) from where she bagged her Bachelor of Science ( in Economics.

Hon Nanahauwa is not only young, brave and dynamic lady and an amazing mother, but a woman of grit and determination – characteristics that define her person. She is an evidence of hardwork, dedication, consistency and most importantly, as she is quick to say; “the God factor”. It is evident in her that no matter one’s situation or story, an average youth in Nigeria can achieve success as long as there is resilience in there somewhere. 

The young woman understood what it meant to work for one’s dream early in life. Her first professional experience was when she established the Yetline Travels and Tourism, a local tour guide based in Abuja. Currently she is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tado foods, Co- Founder of Lafemme Connect Savings Made Easy: a woman4woman empowerment and networking group.

One of her favourite self story to tell was how she scaled through during the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic in early 2020 where business was slow. While thinking of what she could do, Hon Nanahawa came up with an online training tagged “Phone Graphics”. This she taught small business owners and people looking to make extra cash how to promote their businesses/skills with product image and branding, picture editing and manipulation, 3D promotional videos and video editing, basic flyers and graphic designing, social media Marketing e.t.c using just an “ANDROID PHONE”. This shows that no skill is a waste and you never know when it will save the day. 

Little wonder the young SSA is a core supporter of the Advocacy, “Change begins with Me”. Her passion for humanity, especially children, girls and women, giving back and contributing her quota to the society caused her to volunteer for different charity organisations. Not satisfied with her volunteering duties, she took the step to establish the NOYA Charity Foundation.

Hon Nanahawa is committed to continually promote the informal and Vocational sector of Kogi State by creating a synergy with the formal and non-formal sectors, dual-education in the context of learning and skill development in Kogi State. Vocational Training is an important basis for any strong economy. It is yardstick for the by reduction of unemployment and crime rates in the state. Dual educational system covering both theory and practice offer excellent approach to skills development; this combination of theory and practicals give individuals real head start into real life beyond the four corners of formal education.

She continues her journey as the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Informal and Vocational Education and we can’t wait to see the many strides and achievements yet to come…

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