Kogi LGA Chairman Resigns

The Chairman of Kogi Local Government Area in Kogi State, Isah Abdulkarim Sani has resigned following his suspension from office by the Governor.


Recall my suspension from office as the Executive Chairman of Kogi LGA on the 25th of August 2021 by the Executive Governor of our dear State, HE Alhaji Yahaya Bello. During the period of the suspension, series of peace mediations, intervention and engagements took place for the purpose of reconciliation while the suspension lasted. Throughout the period the suspension lasted, I was never found wanting or guilty in any way or form. Fast forward to yesterday, the 24th of July, 2022, I have with the consent of my Family, the party and the State Governor finally decided to in the interest of peace, unity and stability of the APC as a party at the Local Government level and the administration of the entire Local Government Area, resigned from office as the executive Chairman of Kogi Local Government Area effective immediately.


By this notice, I want to state without any iota of doubt that I remain a very loyal and highly committed party man. This is quite evidenced from the calmness and peaceful conduct we have exhibited and demonstrated all through the period the suspension lasted. In the same spirit, I want to also mention strongly that I, my team (Team Ecomog) and our friends remain strongly and committed to the New Direction Government of HE, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.


We shall stay committed to driving conversations and winning the electorates in the coming days leading to the campaign for our party candidates in the forthcoming national and state elections.


I wish to finally appreciate and thank our Governor, HE Alhaji Yahaya Bello for his demonstration of leadership in maintain peace and unity amongst his subjects, our leaders, and friends who intervened severally in ensuring that peace and order is maintained in our LGA.


God bless you all for your patience, support and prayers.

Signed: Isah Abdulkarim Sani
Former Executive Chairman, Kogi LGA.

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