Kogi Commissioner Says Local Govt Authorities, Not State, Responsible for Percentage Salaries

In a new twist to the ridiculous percentage salaries being paid to primary school teachers and local government workers in Kogi State, the state Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kingsley Fanwo has rather shifted the blame on the local government authorities.

Fanwo was responding to a comment on his press release on Facebook, when he stated that people make mistakes by mixing both the state and local government authorities together.

The Facebook user with the name “Kogi Eyewitness,” wrote on the thread that “some people don’t have shame again because of the house of rep ticket, where is your sense of human MR Fanwo? You are one of the problems of Gov Bello, LG staffs and Teacher received 17% from this same govt you are here defending which you know better, may God judge you all accordingly, nothing last forever continue your dirty job. Remember the Bible you use to swear an oath during your inauguration.

In his response, the Commissioner said, “Kogi Eyewitness I will ignore your insults and set the record straight Mr Anonymous. State Government pays State civil servants. Local Government Councils are responsible for the payment of their staff. The mistake we make is mixing the two together. Do have a wonderful day.”

According to Fanwo, it could be deduced that Governor Yahaya Bello has been wrongly accused for the over six years of his administration when the local government workers and primary school teachers started the journey of percentage.

However, Governor Yahaya Bello did not deny responsibility for the percentage salaries when he stated on January 27th, 2022 that he would rather pass the problem to his successor than further carry out an extensive retrenchment.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner in an effort to debunk allegations by a former employee of the Progressives Governors Forum, Salihu Moh Lukman, said the meagre allocation shared during the last FAAC meeting was responsible for the decline in salary payment to state workers. 

“We find it needful to inform the public that the historic and audacious staff verification exercise undertaken by the Yahaya Bello Administration at inception did not only paint the payroll in the colours of integrity and transparency, but also ensured efficiency in the service.

“Many unintended beneficiaries were removed and the State immediately ensured that 100% salaries were paid to the civil servants.

“It is instructive to note that the staff verification exercise was carried out with the full cooperation and deep involvement of labour unions who have always cooperated with the state government in its bid to reposition and strengthen the service.

“Nigerians are adequately informed of the meagre allocation shared during the last FAAC meeting. Many states have yet to pay their February salary.

“Internally generated revenue wasn’t at the standard our administration had set as a result of economic downturn, owing to the energy crisis that hit the nation in February.
But as an administration that is committed to the welfare of the civil servants, the Kogi State Government sat with labour leaders and agreed to pay 75%.

It has since been paid with the full implementation of the minimum wage. This is against the lies peddled by Lukman that Kogi workers received 25 percentage of their old salaries.

“Only civil servants on grade level 7 and above received 75%. Civil servants on Grade Level 1 to 6 received 100% salary with the 30,000 naira minimum wage. The Governor and all political office holders also received 75% in solidarity with our workforce. To us, this is responsible and responsive leadership,” he said.

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