Kogi Central Senator-Elect, Abubakar Ohere’s Appreciation Message

The Senator-elect of Kogi Central Senatorial District, Engr. Abubakar Ohere has appreciated the people for their support towards his emergence in the just concluded general elections.



I, Engr. Abubakar Ohere, Senator Elect, Kogi Central Senatorial District, thank Almighty Allah, the giver of life, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful for the special privilege to be alive to see this day and more importantly for the rare privilege of being elected as Senator Elect, to Represent the good people of Kogi Central Senatorial District, Kogi State.

First and foremost, I give thanks to God Almighty for the successful conduct of the Presidential and National Assembly Election held across the country and for the safety of all our constituents, including officials of all agencies, who took part in the election across the State, with particular emphasis to Kogi Central Senatorial District.


I thank the leader of our party, the All Progressives Congress, President Muhammadu Buhari for his fatherly disposition and democratic stance that set the stage for a free and transparent contestation devoid of institutional bias, violence of any kind.


I am also grateful to the leadership of the APC in Kogi State, Gov. Yahaya Bello for the courage displayed and his commitment to democratic ideals that have distinguished our party and made it appealing to millions of Kogites across the State to vote for the APC“.


This great show of leadership serves as a reminder to all that the APC is a party founded on sacred values central to its growth and Survival.


My specific appreciation of thanks goes to the teeming leaders, Opinion moulders across board and all the APC members of our party in Kogi Central APC.


I wish to reiterate my deep respect and undying loyalty to the traditional institutions and others who made the election and victory a huge success.


To the Electoral Commission, I’m deeply appreciative for organizing an election adjudged as free fair and credible that allowed the people of the district to elect candidate of their choice in a responsible, safe, fair, and transparent process, I convey my deepest gratitude.


I am equally grateful to everyone particularly the youths for their conduct, most especially for shunning the politics of violence.


I am indeed very grateful to the women and Youths as I look forward to working with all of my strength to restore and strengthen our resolve to gainfully engage our teeming youths and women in the coming days using the instrumentality of quality legislation and other interventions.


Let me restate that the APC victory in Kogi Central is not for me alone, but for all the people of Kogi Central. I see the victory as victory for democracy, for the rule of law, and for all our party, the All Progressives Congress.


To everyone who played a part in making the victory possible in Kogi Central; I say thank you and my sincere appreciation for the sacrifices.


I feel the weight of the overwhelming trust reposed on me and the great need not to disappoint all of you who deemed me worthy of the honor to be your representative at the National Assembly for Kogi Central Senatorial District. Let me boldly State that it was your support which culminated into my emergence. I therefore wish to State publicly that by my victory that was all encompassing, I’m for all and Insha Allah, this trust will not be mortgaged.


Let me use this opportunity to once restate my resolve for effective and robust representation in the upper Chamber of the National Assembly. It is a known fact that in previous engagement, I make bold to say that the results of my outstanding performances speaks volumes. Let me assure that this overwhelming support, has enabled me to rededicate my self to greater service delivery. I do solemnly pledge, that I hold the entire people of Kogi Central in high esteem, promised that you will not be disappointed.


My agenda remains SIMPLE in the literal sense of those alphabets as I renew my pledge to devote myself to moving Kogi Central Senatorial District forward by bringing new ways and innovative methods in: Security and Social Welfare, Infrastructural Development and rural Renewal, Manpower Development and Training, Public-Private Partnership, Leadership by Example, and Employment Creation and Social Empowerment Scheme a priority using the instrumentality of quality legislation in the National Assembly.


This time, I will strive to do more to get it right. And the work to make this a reality must continue with revitalized passion and zeal. Our victory at the Presidential and National Assembly Election is only the beginning. We must now all come together, renew our loyalty to the growth of, and march with sturdy strides on this new path that beckons.


Fellow party members, thank you once again for your confidence and support for me and the APC. I assure you, and the people of our Senatorial District, that you will not be disappointed.


Let me once again use this medium to call on my opponents to call on my Co-contestants to join hands with me in moving Kogi Central Senatorial District forward. The election is over, let our people be the essence for our struggle. For me, it was a no victor, no vanquish contest. In every election, winners and losers are bound to emerge. This election is unique in our district unlike in the past, with no gunshots and violence. The time to therefore work for our people is now, and I rededicate myself to the sincere service of the people of Kogi Central Senatorial District.

May God Allah you all.

Engr. Abubakar Ohere, Senator Elect,
Kogi Central Senatorial, Kogi State.

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