Gov Bello Says “Extensive Retrenchment” of Workers is Solution for Percentage Salaries to Teachers, LG Workers 

…likely to kick the problem to next administration 

For local government workers and pensioners in Kogi State, the hope of returning to the days of 100 percent salaries may have been dashed, as Governor Yahaya Bello said only what he called “extensive retrenchment” can make full payment possible. 

Governor Bello stated this in a text of address to celebrate the second anniversary of his second term in office. 

The Governor claimed that that his administration is not owing the state workers and pays them on or before the end of each month since the end of Staff screening three years ago. 

Bello, however, noted that the inability of the state’s cash flow to accommodate 100% salary payments to local government workers, unless workers are further retrenched, an option he could no longer consider. 

“Currently, this can only be possible with extensive staff retrenchment to remove the massive redundancy inherent in the system. This is the sad reality imposed on us by a bloated workforce in the face of severely dessicated allocations cum finances. 

“While there exists strong justifications for this option, it remains one which I, personally, consider too drastic to deploy against citizens in the present state of our Nigerian economy.

He said he would likely pass the problem “down the road to the next administration.

The payment of percentage salaries to primary school teachers and local government workers is as old as the administration of the Governor, and part of the reason why the Organized Labour in the state is gearing for indefinite strike this month, baring a last minute change in decision. 

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