Gov. Bello Makes Final Payment of Fees of Kogi Medical Students on Scholarships

By Dauda Moses

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has released funds to settle all fees of Kogi pioneer medical students who are on scholarships in various institutions across the country.

Confirming the development, the Vice Chancellor of Prince Audu Abubakar University (PAAU) Anyigba, Prof Marietu Tenuche said Governor Bello always keeps to his words.

Recall that Yahaya Bello, upon emergence as Governor, had set up an expert committee including the management of the medical school to look into the accreditation issues of the already stagnated medical students, the committee recommended an interuniversity transfer while the teaching hospital is upgraded. Recognizing the financial challenges that students often face during their academic journey, Governor Bello has consistently prioritized the well-being and advancement of Kogi’s students.

By releasing these funds, he has alleviated a significant burden for the medical students who have worked diligently to pursue their dreams and contribute to the healthcare sector.

This commendable act not only underscores the governor’s commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of the youth but also reinforces his belief in the transformative power of investing in human capital.

The release of these millions of naira comes as a tremendous relief to the Kogi medical students, as it ensures their uninterrupted pursuit of knowledge and enables them to concentrate wholeheartedly on their studies.

Governor Bello’s commitment to investing in their education not only fosters a sense of gratitude and motivation among the students but also inspires them to strive for excellence in their chosen fields.

Furthermore, Governor Bello’s support for the medical students on scholarships reflects his visionary leadership and recognition of the critical role they will play in the future development of Kogi State’s healthcare system. By empowering these students to fulfill their potential, Governor Bello is actively investing in the growth of a competent and compassionate medical workforce that will contribute to the well-being of the state’s residents.

The beneficiaries of this recent financial aid express their deepest appreciation to Governor Yahaya Bello for his unwavering support. They acknowledge his unwavering commitment to their education, which has not only lightened their financial burdens but has also instilled a profound sense of gratitude and determination within them. Governor Bello’s benevolence serves as a testament to his belief in the power of education and the potential of the youth.

His visionary leadership continues to pave the way for the growth and development of Kogi State, empowering its youth to become leaders in their respective fields.

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