KSU Kabba: Sen. Smart Adeyemi Hails Gov. Yahaya Bello

Senator Smart Adeyemi has commended Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello for the siting the recently approved University in Kogi West senatorial district.

A statement personally signed by the longest serving Senator from Kogi state said “there is no doubt that education is a catalyst for economic development.”

Senator Adeyemi who represented Kogi West in the upper chamber of the National Assembly for a record three terms said it is heart warming that the university is sited in Kabba, the headquarters of the senatorial district.

“Fortunately, the people of Kogi West are well known to be lovers of Education and this is evident in the large number of professors and associate professors from our Area. As at the last count, we recorded about two hundred eighty six professors and about twenty five associate professions some of whom will be quite to come and contribute their quota towards the growth of the University.

“As a Senator who was privileged to serve kogi west for three terms, I will be delighted to support any effort towards improving the well being and Educational development of our people.

“While many would have perhaps welcomed the idea had it come three to four years ago, my answer has always remained that it is better late than never. This has been the desire of our people and those of us who have been the vanguard for the ABU College of Agriculture Kabba to a full fledged University, the proposed Kogi State University is a welcome development while we continue to await the upgrade.

“There is no such thing as too many educational institutions and our people stand to benefit from it and for that reason, we acknowledge this gesture by GYB,” he said.

Senator Adeyemi said he will also continue to agitate for his bill before President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“I use this opportunity to appeal to him to graciously append his signature on the bill for the upgrade and expansion of the College of Agriculture, Kabba, to a full fledged University.

“It is my understanding that politics must be without bitterness but primarily about equity, fairness, justice and inclusiveness of all components.

“On this premise, what the Governor has done must be seen as a demonstration of his willingness to leave a landmark achievement in the area of education.

“In this case, I hereby congratulate Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, the good people of Kogi West and the entire people of Kogi state.”

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