God Showed Me Nigeria Will Not Break Up – Kogi CAN Chairman

The Kogi State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bishop John Ibenu, on Sunday said God has revealed to him that Nigeria will not break up despite the call for secession by some aggrieved groups in the country.

Bishop Ibenu disclosed this in Lokoja while fielding questions from journalists at the 29th anniversary of Chapel of Freedom International Churches.

Ibenu, who disclosed that God has been speaking to him in the last three months on the state of the nation, noted that those clamoring for division in the country do not have thorough knowledge of the founder of Nigeria.

He explained that God told him that peace will soon return to the land.

“They are talking of separation, they don’t know the founder of Nigeria. The founder of Nigeria is God. God signifies unity. Each person speaks according to their level of understanding. We are not going to join issues with them. We join our issue with God and the scripture which says pray for the peace of the land.

“There is no end to division. No matter how much breakage you give to human beings, they will never be satisfied. Let us look into the God of peace. Let us love one another, come together and find a common solution that will make tomorrow better,” he said.

Continuing, the CAN chairman called on leaders at all levels to practice justice and fairness in governance and address the menace of corruption in the country.

Explaining further, Ibenu said, “Let the leaders, from the President to the least, practice justice and fairness. The Bible says in the book of Second Samuel 23, he that must rule over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God, showing equality, fairness to everyone.

“So God has entrusted them to this country. If they damage it, God will hold them responsible for it. On our part, we are praying for peace, unity and stability, and oneness.

“God showed me many things, and I have been saying it for the past three months. God showed me that every Nigerian will take responsibility for the peace of Nigeria.

“That is why I said the people must get up and take responsibility for the peace and after that God showed me genuine peace. Where the North, South, East, and the West came together and they say they want to come together for peace.

“After that, I saw a screen that showed genuine peace. Therefore, I call on our leaders, if they have been singing for peace and they did not mean it from their heart, God is watching”.

The clergy, however, used the occasion to call on the Federal Government to fix the road between Abaji and Lokoja adding that the road, which is now a death trap for motorists, has been abandoned for too long.

“The Federal Government should reward the road from Abaji to Okene because the road is damaged. We have been saying this thing. The contractors need to be changed,” he added.

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