Uproar at FMC Lokoja as Kogi Majority Leader Loses Father-in-Law to Staffer’s Negligence

FMC Lokoja

…threatens to Sue Management

The Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja has been accused of recurring negligence leading to the loss of lives of patients brought to the hospital.

An uproar condemning the negligence of the Doctors, ensued at the hospital premises on Tuesday evening, following the death of the father-in-law of the Majority Leader, Kogi State House of Assembly, Hon. Suleiman Abdulrazaq.


According to the story published by his Personal Assistant, Isah Amoto on Facebook, lawmaker had a tough time with the management of the hospital after he arrived at the news of the demise of his father-in-law resulting from the management’s carelessness and negligence.


He wrote;

“As at around 2PM in the afternoon today, we were still at the office when Hon. SAS got a call from his wife (who’s in Abuja) that her father slumped at noon and was rushed to the Reference Hospital Okene. The management of Reference Hospital Okene prolly lacked man-power to take full charge of the situation, so they had to immediately refer them to the Federal Medical Center(FMC) in Lokoja, while he was FULLY on oxygen support. They were already on their way to Lokoja with the hospital’s ambulance when this call came in and within some couple of minutes, they arrived at the FMC Lokoja. They arrived around 3PM in the afternoon. Some of our aides were already at the scene leaving Hon. SAS behind to vital official duties.

“Upon arrival at the FMC, it took the management over 30-minutes to give their attention and receive a referred patient from another hospital. They took the patient into their emergency hall, WITHDREW his oxygen mask and laid him down on one of their beds and left. No improvisation for the poor man lying half-dead. No care. No attention. All these happened while Doctors and nurses at the hospital reluctantly walked pass the dying man at the emergency hall, leaving the gate to the hall fully padlocked in chains. The poor wife cried out but, her cries and plea for help for her dying husband fell on deaf ears. After three good hours (3-6PM) without attention or medications, the poor man gave up the ghost.

“Immediately Hon. SAS got the sad news and arrived at the hospital with some of his colleagues from the office, a Former Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Kogi State on Domestics, Hon. Amb. Kikpoye Karibo and a host of other dignitaries who were on meeting with him when he had the information. He walked straight towards the emergency hall where his father-in-law was lying dead and met that the gate was still fully padlocked in chains leaving everyone no access to the hall.

“He sorted to see the Doctor on duty, the Doctor came out and in what was glaringly an OPEN LIE, the Doctor claimed to be “the only medical personnel on-ground”. While this conversation was ongoing, some group of persons who lost their brother few minutes before our arrival as a result of same negligence by the management were grumbling as they moved their corpse through the back door of the emergency hall. Sadly, the boy who died before our arrival was also referred from Reference Hospital Okene. He got no attention from FMC staffers before he gave up the ghost.

“On hearing this, Hon. SAS got exasperated and asked the Doctor to open the fully padlocked gate to the emergency hall where his father-in-law was lying lifeless so he can move his corpse out. The Doctor and other staffers were still reluctant at opening the gate, so he proceeded to go inside through the back door(the same door they had earlier moved the corpse of the young boy they k!lled through). All of a sudden, the staffers began to create a dramatic scene as they raised unnecessary alarm that threw the whole hospital into a state of panic. Why? Because Hon. SAS proceeded into the emergency ward with his aides(security and staffers) to move the corpse of father-in-law out of the hospital WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

“SAS got to the emergency hall and wanted to move his already dead father-in-law out, but with the intervention of some of our aides who advised him to let the hospital do there job, even though the man was no more, he backed off. He took heed and left the emergency hall, proceeded to the compound to get his car and zoomed off, he met that the gate has been locked.

“The securities at the main gate entrance locked the gate and disappeared from their post and made it look like FMC was a bank and there was an ongoing heist where everyone had to scamper for safety. Another uproar ensued between us and some of the staffers who took it upon themselves to engage us. All of a sudden, a man from nowhere and on mufti came out from one corridor of the hospital with an AK-47 riffle and fired a shot at us, at a very close range. Engr. Kabir Onoruoiza who’s an elder brother to Hon. SAS luckily sustained only a bullet wound from the shot. Because he was closer to the armed man, he hurriedly held the mouth of the gun and grabbed it from him while the guy’s finger was still on the trigger and firing sporadically (the gun’s mouth was now facing the ground).

“With the swift response of the security agencies from various Police divisions in Lokoja, we were able to get over the situation. The guy who shot at us has since been arrested and currently under investigations. Our father-in-law will be buried tomorrow in Okene according to Islamic rites.

“Stay away from FMC Lokoja if you want to live, they destroy lives like it’s nothing to them. They’re evil.🤝🏾

“In my over a year of working closely with Hon. Suleiman Abdulrazak, I’ve never seen him in the mood I saw him today. The sad mood FMC Lokoja activated in him today. I do pray and hope God grants you the fortitude to bear this loss. I pray you heal fast. Amen.🙏🏾💔”

The Majority Leader has also made known his plan to sue the management of the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja for medical negligence.

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