Dekina/Bassa Populace Want Onogwu Muhammed as Next Representative at National Assembly

By Shaibu Anthony

The Chief Press Secretary to the governor of Kogi State, Onogwu Muhammed has finally been singled out by the people Dekina/Bassa as the man fit to be their eyes and voice in the House of Representative at the expiration of the current term.

According to the people, one of the most common mistakes Africans make is failing to recognize the distinction between a leader and a good leader. While anyone can claim the former title, only a few could claim the latter.

To become a good leader, one must first learn to be a good follower. Not just a follower, but a good one. This is what has worked for many successful leaders who have led people to new heights of excellence in a variety of fields and contexts.

Quoting the words of Dolly Parton, the constituents under the platform of New Wave said “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then, you are an excellent leader,” adding that at a time like this, their society cannot be saved from the doom that lies ahead as a result of mismanagement unless they bring on board exceptional leaders.

The people of Dekina/Bassa have in recent time realized that aside from political parties, it is important to recognize that individual character plays a significant role in entrusting positions. Because of the acceptance and popularity of political parties, the neglect of behaviorism and character hampered democracy, treating evil in angel form. That era has come to an end in the Dekina/Bassa Federal constituency, with the prospect of better leadership on the horizon.

Speaking for the people in strong terms, Comrade Anthony Shaibu, a spokesperson and opinion leader said since the beginning of democracy, there have been several representations of Dekina/Bassa over the years, each with their own set of experiences that have never matched the people’s yearnings and aspirations.

After several years of opportunities being given to the two major political parties, there have been subordinate performances on the ranking of performances, while the people’s demand for good representation grows to a greater extent or multiplies every four years.

He said emphatically that as the upcoming election approaches, it has become critical to elect an outstanding performer, an experienced, red-blooded individual with impeccable track records,
a person with a firm grasp on what leadership entails, a leader with diverse knowledge of human management and impeccable character, someone who sees an opportunity as a call to service rather than a pleasure.

One man fits, ticks the boxes of qualification, for the National Assignment of representing the good people of Dekina/Bassa Federal Consistency, after thorough checks and scrutiny of the personality to entrust the hope of the masses in Dekina/Bassa come 2023.

The people have made their choice. They have chosen Hon. Onogwu Muhammed, also known as Galacticus, who is the current Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State’s Executive Governor, His Excellency Gov. Yahaya Bello.

To begin with, the CPS occupies such a delicate position as the mouthpiece of a large number of Kogi State citizens not by selection, but by merit and competency; thus, Hon. Onogwu has proven his worth over time and has become incomparable.

His exemplary services, loyalty, and dedication to his boss are highly regarded. His loving personality has paid off, as he is frequently seen with his boss on National Assignments; his familiarity with national politics and wealth of experiences are an advantageous value and a plus to his people when he is given the opportunity to lead them.

Hon. Muhammed Onogwu’s political journey did not begin as CPS; long before now, he was one of the many youths who fought courageously and sincerely for the formidable structure that the All Progressive Congress in Kogi State enjoys today, through several means, one of which as a journalist, the writer has been able to promulgate the ideologies of the All Progressive Congress Party over time, Anthony said.

These and other efforts were spotted for his appointment, all from a pure heart that has remained steadfast and dedicated to ensuring a better future for his people.

The fondness that Onogwu has for politics, for the sole purpose of realizing a better tomorrow for his people, has never died; rather, it has been continuously lubricated with an unstoppable flow of selflessness and philanthropic gestures.

Hon. Onogwu’s selfless services to humanity, his people, and anyone who comes into contact with him are truly amazing. He is also a good time manager who manages his schedule and develops strong working relationships with his employees – another admirable trait that sets him apart from others.

In the coming months, the people of Dekina/Bassa deserve a better, more outspoken representative, someone who understands the pains and thirst for good representation, someone who will ride on his boss’s admiration to represent the people with the fear of God.

People want someone who can talk, but also someone who can talk diplomatically. People no longer require a propagandist; they require a job creator whose influence can be felt in all corners of the communities housed in the consistency.

It cannot be denied that many people who show interest cannot become leaders, but it is well known that only Onogwu is wired with the potential to become the good leader that is required.

A noble man for a noble people.

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