Council Chairman Seals Off Hotels, Says Adavi People Hate Nightclub

Following the death of two night clubbers allegedly killed by vigilantes working for Adavi Local Government Area, the council Chairman, Joseph Salami has ordered the closure four hotels running club activities.

Recall that this medium reported the killing of two youths by trigger happy men of the vigilante group who raided Hollywood Hotel in the nagazi part of the local government in a show of force to enforce ban on night club activities.

While the family of the deceased are demanding for justice, Salami has gone further to close four hotels including Hollywood Hotel where the unfortunate incident occurred.

The other three hotels sealed off are Underground, Salok, and Classy.

The Chairman in a statement said the management of the hotels disobeyed his order on ban of night clubs,

“Our arrival in Government is the arrival of peace and unity, and before our assumption in office, peace has been instituted across the Twenty One (21) local Governments and Adavi was not exempted, thanks to the Executive Governor of the state for his pragmatic approach. We are much interested in the safety of our communities, and that supersedes other interests no matter who you are or what you represent.”

“We are sounding a note of warning again to every youth and hotel management, we have received series of complaints from various communities about the evil and atrocities perpetrated in the name of club and clubbing, and the message is simple, our people doesn’t want it, hence, as a Government of the people, we don’t want It. Whoever is caught after today, legal action would be taken,” he warned.

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