Vacant Attah Stool: Igala Group Begins ‘Black Arm-Band’ Protest 



Displeased by the delay in the in installation of appointed names into the Royal stools of Attah Igala, a socio-cultural group in Igala land, Conference of Igala Association (CIA) has called on all Igala sons and daughters to embark on a peaceful protest. 

The group instructed the wearing of black-arm-band as from Thursday to all public places as a way of demanding the immediate announcement of the next Attah Igala by the Kogi State Government. 

CIA in a statement said “the Kingdom is empty. We are staying without our spiritual leader and father for over a year now. Not only the Attah, the list is endless.

“Apart from Attah stool empty since August 2020, several towns are also without traditional rulers and this include Achadu Oko Ata (Prime Minister) vacant for six months, Ejeh of Ankpa vacant for five years, Onu Idah vacant for10 months, Onu Abocho vacant for six months, Onu Aloma vacant for four years, Onu Iyale vacant for three years, Onu Ede (Iye-Ata) vacant, Alaji Ata vacant, Chai Ata vacant and Amana Itobe vacant.”

Others, according to CIA, are Onu Inegbulu, Onu Ojokogbe, beaded Ajofe Onupia and beaded Ajofe Agbenyo.

It said, “The entire Kingdom is empty completely. We can’t make headway. It may interest the general public to know that Attah Igala throne/stool is to Igalas what Oba is to Benins, Oni to Yorubas, Sultan to Fulanis, Ado Bayero to Hausas, Obi to Igbos and Ohinoyi to Ebiras.

“Attah, our king, went to be with his creator on August 27 2020 which is traditionally known as ‘hunting expedition’ in Igala culture. The simple question begging for answer is whether any state/nation can survive without a leader?

“Igala race is very civilised; we are not blocking the roads to disturb public peace but simply put on a black hand band to express our pains in offices, government houses public functions, markets, hospitals, banks, inside vehicles, mosques and churches.”

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