Reactions as Cleric Erects Mini Kaaba in Okene Town


Mixed reactions have trailed the erection of what appeared to be a mini Kaaba in Idozumi, Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State.

The Kaaba is a building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque, the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred site in Islam. It is considered by Muslims to be the Bayt Allah ( ’House of God’) and is the qibla ( direction of prayer) for Muslims around the world when performing salah.

The structure, Ebira Reporters gathered, was put up by one Sheikh Mohammed Mukhtar as part of decorations to celebrate the 2021 Moulud.

However, while come commentators celebrated his actions, others found it preposterous.

Some Reactions 

“Sheikh Mohammed Muktar Harazumiyya is promoting Islam in his own capacity by showcasing this Mimic Kabba at Idozumi Round about Okene. This is not Bidiah, is just to celebrate our noble prophet Muhammad SAW.
I urges all the Muslims scholar to emulate him and channel their energies to convert traditionalist back to Islam. And also to discourage other Muslim faithfuls who are now attending christian programs to stop by preaching using the wisdom of the Holy Quran; Allah says in Holy Quran: Kitab and Hikmat, which means knowledge and wisdom. Where is the wisdom of the holy Quran today, if everything is Bid’ah?” El-okene Abduljelil Adabara

I would have ignored those whose knowledge are woven around ignorance of the components of the sources of Islam; they are only immersed in the thinking of superficial layers of knowledge. Let them keep their judgement within the limits of the cocoon to misunderstanding. They have read small compared to the ocean where knowledge and wisdom of the scripture of Islam is overflowing. They should call it bid’ah, that is their greatest understanding. While they have seen bid’ah in their innermost thoughts on which hatred grow, the understanding will ignore and move on.  Gomina MJ Doc


“This is too bad for showcasing such in the name of propagating Islam. Their are numerous ways of propagating Islam not in this manner. May Allah continue guiding us in doing what is right at all level.”  Okatahi Ibrahim Abass

“Good intention; wrong execution; bad impression.
This is utterly unacceptable!What’s this for Allah’s sake?
If it were to be period of Hajj preparation and this is temporarily done to teach intending pilgrims on Hajj operation and rites, I would say it is a welcome idea. Even at that, not in a public domain or structure like the roundabout. Perhaps within the mosque compound, field or madrasat.
Isn’t the jointed mini flags crisscrossing the poles as agedly practiced enough? Remember we have people of other faiths walking this path while it’s display lasts
You can’t rule out misconception.
I learn it is temporarily put in place by one Mallam who lives around there to celebrate Moulud Nabiyyu of his Madrasat or something close.
I love passion not when it is taken to the farthest edge pls!
Wallahi! This is where I miss the person of Late Sheikh Muhammadu Amin (RTA). May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Allahu aalam. May Allah guide us aright and increase us in ilm and hikmah… aameen.” E.S Ozioto

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