Raymond Reddington Quotes, The Blacklist Season 10

Raymond Reddington the Blacklist
By Alex Adeiza

The inevitability of death was quite the reality that Raymond Reddington had always expected, and finally accepted in the final, Season 10, of one of the best crime movies ever produced, The Blacklist. Wise, calculative, strategic, compassionate, humble and philosophical were the words I could find to describe the character of Reddington.

In his wisdom throughout the series, Reddington had words or quotes as the oil with which he ate his yams. In this final season, I have compiled some of those Raymond Reddington Quotes  drawn from the episodes of this season. They are:

  • Odds today, evens tomorrow.
  • It’s going to take a thief to catch an assassin.
  • There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.
  • If my circle of friends get any smaller, it won’t be a circle.
  • Time is the ultimate luxury, I think to be savored, not hoarded nor compressed nor controlled. As if any of those can control time in the first place.

Raymond Reddington Hat

  • From what I know of Paul Senior, retribution is a dish he generally serves cold.
  • There’s no honour among thieves. You know that saying? I despise that saying, because the fact is, in this life of ours, there are lines that even criminals should not cross; a standard of conduct even for those that earn their livelihood by breaking the law.
  • It took some doing, but most things are possible with a proper motivation.
  • You get older and you realize we make life so complicated when it doesn’t need to be. We complicate ourselves to death.
  • Some stories can’t just be told, they have to be discovered.
  • I learnt the hard way to avoid promises, stick to probabilities, likelihoods, you’ll find the collateral damages much less.
  • You on the other hand decided to play in my sandbox without inviting me to make castles with you.
  • Not every answer is worth knowing
  • The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time, is now. Luckily for you, I have three seedlings.
  • Love in the wrong hands and hearts is reckless. And in my experience, is dangerous as any hatred.
  • Life is risk management.
  • Things end. Sometimes despite our best efforts and best intentions, or sometimes because of that effort, intent, things end, so something else can begin.
  • Sometimes, the greatest flight in history has been solo


Final Note: It is pleasing to see that he saw his death coming, made peace with it and leveraged the time at his disposal to bountifully reward everyone loyal to his beck and call.

Raymond Reddington and the bull

It was the bull, the symbol of the angel of death he went searching for, and purchased, and he embraced, tragically.

Adieu, Reddington!!!


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