Open Letter to My Fellow country Men and Women

Otori Ozigi

By Otori Ozigi

As you are already aware, we, Nigerians, are going through a period of difficult time in the life of our great country.

The prices of everything have hit the rooftop.

Inflation is galloping, while our forex exchange market is in crisis.

The naira is facing the worst devaluation ever in the hands of other currencies of the world economy, particularly the dollar.

But be rest assured that, it is a passing phase.

This is the time for us to turn to agriculture and be more productive.

Everybody should grow something even if it is within your compound or backyard.

Please never let your neighbours, friends, family members and associates stand alone, in the face of this present difficult time.

Always be your brothers’ keeper.

The hunger in the land is life threatening.

Lend a helping hand, wherever you can.

Share whatever you have with the less privileged.

God bless you as you do the needful.

Though time don’t last forever, but though people do.

We shall overcome.

Nigeria will survive.

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