Okene Central Mosque: Scores Injured as Warring Islamic Sects Clash Again


There seems to be no feasible end to the lingering crises between Tijanniya and Sunni sects in the Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State, as the two sects yet again clashed on Friday, leaving scores Injured and the town in confusion.

Locals told ebirareporters.com that the fight started when some members of the Sunni group were on their way from Jumat prayers, and while the Tijanniya group were still observing the prayers.

The source said gunshots rented the air within minutes of clash, as the congregants scampered for safety.

It took the timely intervention of the security agencies to restore calm in the town.

Recall that in May 2020, one year after the death of Imam Musa Galadima the warring sects had a similar clash over who becomes the Chief Imam of the Okene Central Mosque.

After the clash, the state government had read the riot act to the sects and placed the mosque under security surveillance, however unyielding.

Reacting to the resurgence, residents and citizens of the central senatorial district of the state have taken to Facebook to express disappointment, as the clash has become one too many. 

Muhammed Abubakar:
If the two sects refuse to sheath their swords, Government should take over the mosque and turn the building to Government property. Afterall, Government built the mosque, none of the sects have shishi on it. The two sect should go and build their mosque and allow people to live in peace.


Alabi John Ozovehe:
In the news, Islamic sects clashed in Okene LGA during today’s Jumat prayer. I thought the govt mediated in their crisis the last time? Going by the response if it were the masquerades, a ban on Jumat prayers in Okene is ripe.


Kekere Youths
My people, let peace reign in the Okene Central Mosque while we work together to sustain the peace we’re enjoying presently in Ebira land. May God heal our Land.

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